The Ox: world’s first all-terrain flat-pack truck folds in on itself

With the Global Vehicle Trust OX now a small, light commercial vehicle was presented in London, which is to promote mobility in third world countries.

The project was initiated by Sir Torquil Norman and he founded Global Vehicle Trust (GVT). As a developer, former Formula 1 could designer Gordon Murray obtained. The guidelines foresaw road capability, simple construction, low maintenance and servicing costs, variable usage, a cabin for 3 passengers and high reliability. The result is the light truck OX.

Nearly 2 tons of payload


This comes to a length of 4.23 meters, a width of 2.07 meters and a height of 2.30 meters. The wheelbase is 2.56 meters. The 16-inch wheels of OX be performed on independent suspensions and delays with disc brakes. The power is a 2.2-liter four-cylinder naturally aspirated diesel engine with 100 hp and 310 Nm of torque. The is co#pled with a manual five-speed gearbox. are powered only the rear wheels.
long OX
With a tare weight of 1,600 kg, the OX should be able to cope with a payload of 1,900 kg. Alternatively, up to 7,000 liters of storage space. Space for 3 Euro pallets or 13 people.

folded to transport flat

In the three-seat cabin, the driver sits centrally – as in the legendary McLaren F1, the also Gordon Murray has developed – so that bypasses Murray special requirements for both traffic systems. Among the other features of OX include a rear liftgate, which can be used as a ramp. The items in the back seat bench can be used as sand ladders.
Clever and production logistics. The OX could be prefabricated in England. Murray estimated for 18-man hours. Then he is folded flat, so that 6 of them fit into a standard 40-foot containers. Then need at their destination 3 experienced workers to make ready to ride more than 12 hours to the OX. So the plan.

Now the Global Vehicle Trust waits for investors who are willing to finance the implementation of the OX.