The most fantastic mountains in Europe

From snowy slopes on Spitsbergen to the golden glowing Matterhorn – the photographer Johan Lolos has found the most beautiful mountains on a road trip through 17 countries.

If a photo makes you want to go to the place where it was created, then everything is fine. The Belgian Johan Lolos has managed a whole series of such recordings. In his current illustrated book “Peaks of Europe” Europe’s summits are so epic to see that one wonders why one should leave this extremely versatile continent on holiday at all.

Here it goes directly to the big picture show with the most beautiful peaks in Europe.

Five months road trip

Finding places in Europe that seem somehow lonely and original is not necessarily easy. In this respect, it is true that Johan Lolos puts the focus on the most beautiful mountains in his book. Up there, in the lofty heights of nature, he has always found the wonderful peace he was looking for.

For almost five months he has lived in an SUV and has traveled through Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, Albania, Greece and Scandinavia to seek peaks. Small and big, pretty and really spectacular, well-known and less known.

Europe is incredibly versatile

At the end of the road trip, 40,000 kilometers came together through 17 countries. And 27,000 photos as well as numerous encounters with the people of the different regions. This adventure has Johan Lolos, who shows his great shots on Instagram , now documented in the book.

With only a few exceptions, as with the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, he was able to avoid the crowds of tourists. But the most important message of the photos is not even that Europe is full of quiet places, if you walk a bit for it and not afraid of steep climbs. But that from Svalbard over the Alps down to Greece unique landscapes and some of the most beautiful mountains of the planet can be found.