The most expensive destinations in the world

They dream of Capri? Dream on: The island is one of the most expensive destinations in the world!

New York , Abu Dhabi, Washington or Venice – all sounds quite enchanting, but what is there by magic above all your money! These places are among the ten most expensive destinations in the world! One night costs partly as much as a week in a hotel on RĂ¼gen . We will show you where the hotel prices are currently the most explode!


Place the most expensive destinations in the world: The beautiful island in the Gulf of Naples but is worth every penny. A cable car leads up to Anacapri, from where you have stunning views over the sea tiara. Yes, Capri has to be seen. But you do as the hundreds daily tourists with boats from Naples to arrive: Leave the island by boat last evening, because then only the millionaires remain. Should you, however, want to go fishing one, then book a room. Or even better: Travel with a wealthy husband.


Rio de Janeiro

Also in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the room rates have risen in the last year, rising by a whopping 24 percent to 250$ per night. Brazil recorded a total of at least one more rate increase of eleven percent. (FOTO: DPA).

New York

Place the most expensive destinations in the world: New York.Yes, you just have to have done once in a lifetime. Simply book well in advance the flight and save locally, where you run a lot. Or look for any really low cost private rooms. Otherwise: Hey, you’re in New York ! Freedom costs, even in America.

American Key West

An enormous price explosion there was contrast in American Key West, the city at the western end of the Florida Keys: The room rates decreased by 20 percent in the level and now stands at 195$.


Place the most expensive destinations in the world: Geneva
night from 200$! The spiders but that Swiss? No, here you have it precisely. Where does the money now comes and likes regardless of the accounts rest it: The Swiss hotel industry holding hand on to their beautiful chalet. And with most panoramic views that is actually understandable. Tranquility, lakes, mountains and delicious cheese fondue. Since gouging are times in order. Only plus ski pass and motorway tolls and luxury chocolates and a new watch and and and …. A holiday in the Swiss mountains rips especially deep holes in your travel budget. Pity!


Place the most expensive destinations in the world: Moscow. The good thing about traveling in expensive cities such as the Russian capital is: The shot is low. You can compensate for the hotel prices so. And if you’re lucky, you invites a wealthy Russian (or a wealthy Russian) convened a vodka.


Place the most expensive destinations in the world: So American. And Harvard and all the elitist Drumrum want to be precisely maintained. So: It costs. But, it is also worthwhile. And the room would cost just 70$ here, so would all somehow a little odd.


The highest price increase has been seen in Dubai: The cost of accommodation in the metropolis are higher by as much as 34 percent of 250 $ as last year


The most expensive hotel-city from Down Under is not about Sydney, but the Western Australian city of Perth: Here prices rose last year by ten percent to 170 $.

Sao Paulo

Also in the Brazilian metropolis of Sao Paulo, there was an increase – by seven percent to 180 $.