the launch of the gate digital history of Qatar Foundation next year

Dr.. Sane Cairo for “East”: the launch of the gate digital history of Qatar Foundation next year

Dr.. Sane Cairo, Dean of Virginia Commonwealth’s “East”:

61% of Qatari students studying the university and an increase in the enrollment rate

The launch of a new curriculum focusing on innovation next year

The launch of a new logo and brand reflects the leadership of the university in the world of art and design

Put up 50 educational program for adults and children in the community

Dr. Ismail sane Cairo, dean of Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, said that the university will celebrate over 20 years of its founding in Qatar, where the university will celebrate its achievements and its contribution to the enrichment of the future of art in Qatar. Noting in an interview with the “East” that the university will launch a new logo and a sign reflecting its leadership in the world of art and design.

It also revealed the contribution of students of Virginia Commonwealth in the development of the digital gate dynamic history of the Qatar Foundation, which will be launched next year.

Announced d. Compelling about the intention to develop and renew curricula in cooperation with the mother university to become more focused on innovative education. He said he will launch the revised curriculum beginning next year. This along with 50 launch an educational program for adults and children in the community.

He said the university is currently studying 363 students, including 221 students from the Qatari equivalent to 61% of the total students, pointing out that the university is witnessing significant growth in the registration of Qatari students rate. In the same context, stressing that the number of male students enrolled in the university about 9% and 20% of them Qataris. Noting that the Virginia Commonwealth University has come out of 600 iconic artist since its inception. And dialogue details:

* Renewal of curricula

** Tell us about your future plans and programs that the university plans to launch in the coming period?

Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar is the only school certified in art and design in the region, it was also ranked Mother University, Faculty of Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, recently, the best year program in art and design in America. Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar has witnessed a fruitful year, starting with the success of the international design conference, which is held once every two years, as has been achieved many educational innovations, in the re-adoption of the university by the National Association of Art and Design (Nasad).

As of next year we will start preparations for the twentieth anniversary of the Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, we will celebrate our achievements and our contributions to the development of the State of Qatar. We will be launching a new logo and a sign of the University reflect our situation as a school leader in art and design.

Our focus was in previous years on the development of multi-disciplinary art and design integrates science, technology, engineering and mathematics initiatives (STEM), and we seek to continue to do so in the future. And also some of the teaching staff and students participated, led by the Chairman of the Department of Graphic Design Peter Martin, Acting Director of the Program and the history of art we have Bangdl in the development of dynamic digital gate history of Qatar Foundation. The students also submit proposals for the development of the user interface and content in preparation for its launch next year, and we are excited to continue our participation in the development.

As we are also planning for a number of innovative approaches that focus on multi-disciplinary cooperation. We experience a semester in collaboration with the Doha Film Institute, and the master’s program last year and through the study field trip, developing the ability to teach students advanced printing three-dimensional using the new printing machine. Currently graphic design program that works with the mother campus on the renewal of the school curriculum and focuses on advanced and innovative teaching and learning techniques. It will launch the revised curriculum with the beginning of the new year. The interior design department prepares for accreditation of the Council of Interior adoption, has worked to improve training opportunities through the integration of real-world projects. We expect to be able to announce the latest evidence that demonstrate the strength of our programs and we are in 2018. this year to put up nearly 50 educational program for adults and children in the community, an exciting range of exhibitions and lectures includes many of the artists of the region and the world.

61% Qataris ratio

** Tell us about Qatari students at the university and whether there are plans to increase their numbers?

We currently have 363 students, including 221 students from the Qataris, equivalent to 61% of the total students. We also have the highest proportion of Qatari students compared to all universities in Education City. We are also seeing growth in the registration of Qatari students rate. Where we achieved an increase of 5.1% in the number of Qataris enrolled at the university last fall, and this year we have seen a 10% increase in the number of Qatari students wishing to enroll at the Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar. We aim to reach Qataris enrolled at the university 70%, and we plan to continue to increase the number of Qatari students to reach this goal.

9% the proportion of males

* What is the number of Qatari males in the Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar students?

** We started in 1998 as a college Shaqab arts, college for girls only. And we continue to Virginia Commonwealth as a university in Qatar for girls until 2007, where education has become common. Since then, the number of male students enrolled at the university each year about 9% and 20% of them Qataris.

600 graduate and graduate

* What is the career that awaits graduates of Virginia Commonwealth University and is there any partnerships to recruit students after graduation?

** The number of our graduates last spring to 568, and 2017 will boost the number this year to more than 600 graduates. There is more than 600 creative and innovative worked and are going to start businesses to be productive members of society. And we are training our students to be able to critics thinkers to solve creative problems, and they have much to offer in almost any field. They have a solid foundation in the arts as well as their technical skills as designers and artists. Our graduates work in both Qatar museums, government institutions, professors here and abroad, and internal designers and graphic designers in many private companies. It began a large number of their own projects and many of them became their own companies and their scores distinctive brand. We currently have a solid training program is designed to suit most of our programs so that our students graduate and have practical experience and strong relationships of the pioneers of the industry. We are working to establish a more formal employment partnerships.

different programs

* Are there special programs for male students?

** We offer a comprehensive program for students in their first year, it aims to ensure that the country equip students to become well prepared to complete our rigorous. We focus on building communication skills and the basics of art and design and study skills that will help them succeed. We do not currently offer any special programs for male students, but we are working to encourage our students and constantly on the development of any club or special interests liking them, including those of males.

Fashion design

* Are you interested in male fashion design programs for students?

** We had students from male fashion design. Valozia relevant to both men and women, men also want to appear good look. We want to break the stereotype that fashion is the world of women. At the global level is booming fashion industry for men, and there is a large area for males to make the name of a good income for themselves in this area.

Artists are professionals

* How can the Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar to enrich art and design in Qatar?

** Our graduates works to enrich the art and design in Qatar and Kvannin professionals through the design of exhibitions and museums of Qatar, and the establishment of design firms. They have played recently a pivotal role in the success of the residency program hosted by the Qatar headquarters Ashtrays artists. They also taught many classes in museums Mushaireb. We also have a number of collaborative projects that highlight the contribution of art and design in various fields. For example, our cooperation this year with both Qatar Solar, and with Texas A & M University in Qatar and Qatar Museums for the design of solar energy devices can be worn. Also collaborated with Weill Cornell Medical College to explore public health in Qatar.

Master’s programs

* Is there an intention to launch new programs in the graduate program?

** currently we offer a Master’s degree in Fine Arts in design, offer students a strong multi-disciplinary education in design, which give them the skills in graphics, engineering, architecture, product design and interactive design. Our graduates and innovators are creative and ready to meet the needs of the times. Master’s program is still relatively new, so we focus on the continued success at the same time exploring ways to develop it, perhaps by offering design programs more focused or add business study as part of it, but, so far, we have no specific plans.

Technical Our facilities are assets to the community, it has been the use of innovative media studio we have in the production of the TV show “Stars of Science”, and we used the material library to develop gifts branded companies with design effects (Athar Design) through hosted by Qatar Science and Technology PBS.

We involved our classes in a variety of real projects that enrich the design in Qatar, including the design facility of the Swedish Embassy recently, restaurant Balhambar museums Qatar, in addition to the design and development of the user interface gate history dynamic digital new Qatar Foundation.