The 10/ Ten largest companies in the world 2016

Petrol, insurance, banking – you look at the largest corporations in the world, it is clear with which stores the most money can make. A look at the top ten.

The US magazine “Forbes” has currently the biggest companies in the world found. were drawn to rate this equally of sales, profit, asset and market values ​​of companies in the 2011th

Place 10: Petrobras-Petróleo Brasil


The Brazilian Petrobras in 2011 generated a profit of $ 20 billion. Maria das Gracas Foster (pictured) joined as the first female leader in February 2012 the successor to the previous CEOs Sergio Gabrielli at the top of the company. 80,492 employees of state-controlled Brazilian oil company (as of 2010).Petrobras maintains one of the world’s largest fleets of floating platforms for offshore production.

Revenues : $ 145 billion
Market value : $ 180 billion
Assets : $ 319 billion

Seat 9: Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo

The American Universal Bank made 2011 a profit of 15 billion dollars and employed 264,200 people.Wells Fargo is considered systemically important financial institution, applies to the specific monitoring and strict requirements on the equity capital. The roots of the company go back to 1852, when the Wells Fargo Company offering transport services: The stagecoaches characterized the streets of the “Wild West”.

Revenues : $ 87 billion
Market value : $ 178 billion
Assets : $ 1.313 trillion

Seat 8: Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway is mainly known for its charismatic chairman and billionaire Warren Buffett (pictured). $ 10 billion profit came from the US company last year. The holding company is particularly active in the field of insurance and reinsurance. Including the investments with a busy Berkshire Hathaway 270,858 people (as of 2011).

Revenues : $ 143 billion
Market value : $ 202 billion
Assets : $ 392 billion

Place 7: Petro China Company Limited

Petro China

The largest Chinese oil company made $ 20 billion profit in 2011 and has 446,290 employees (as of 2008). Thus it is in the number of employees within the Top Ten by far at the top. Pictured: PetroChina President Jiang Jiemin. PetroChina is because of its influential billion investment in Sudan (including the construction of a pipeline) in the review: American human rights groups are pushing for the withdrawal of capital from the African country where during fighting between rebels and the government since 2003. Hundreds of thousands of people dead came and millions were displaced.

Revenues : $ 310 billion
Market value : $ 294 billion
Assets : $ 304 billion

Place 6: HSBC Holdings

HSBC Holdings

The British bank HSBC Holdings could reap $ 16 billion profit last year. HSBC is one of 29 major banks, which are classified as systemically important financial institution by the Financial Stability Board. 298,000 people work for the company (as of 2011).

Revenues : $ 102 billion
Market value : $ 164 billion
Assets : $ 2.55 trillion

Place 5: ICBC


The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, short ICBC, could 2011 make a profit of 25 billion dollars. 397 339 people work for the Bank (as of 2010). In terms of total assets, ICBC is the largest bank in the People’s Republic of China. With more than 200 stores, the financial institution is also represented abroad.

Revenues : $ 82 billion
Market value : $ 237 billion
Assets : $ 2.039 trillion

Place 4: Royal Dutch Shell

Royal Dutch Shell

The oil and gas company Royal Dutch Shell made in 2011 $ 30 billion profit. In terms of sales of the Anglo-Dutch group is 470 billion dollars of the top of the world’s biggest companies. 97,000 employees, the company (as of 2010).

Revenues : $ 470 billion
Market value : $ 227 billion
Assets : $ 340 billion


Course 3: General Electric

General Electric

General Electric made a profit in 2011 of 14 billion dollars. 301,000 people work for the US conglomerate (as of April 2011), which is for example in the fields of insurance, real estate management or energy infrastructure business but also manufactures locomotives or aircraft engines.

Revenues : $ 147 billion
Market value : $ 213 billion
Assets : $ 717 billion


Place 2: JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan Chase is the largest US money home. The profit of 19 billion dollars in 2011 can be seen.Recently the company made, however, with massive negative headlines attention: In a speculative disaster the Bank gambled by recent estimates between four and six billion dollars and became so also notoriety on the US borders. The company employs approximately 260,157 people (as of 2011).

Revenues : $ 110 billion
Market value : $ 170 billion
Assets : 2.265 billion


Place 1: Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil

the world’s largest companies is the US oil company Exxon Mobil. Known in Germany is the daughter Esso. Exxon Mobil made in the course of last year $ 41 billion profit and is thus also in this field tip.The company employs 83,600 people (as of December 2010).

Revenue: $ 433 billion
Market value: $ 407 billionAssets: $ 331 billion