Strongest typhoon in 25 years hits Japan

Forces of nature give Japan no rest. Once again, an enormous typhoon is seeking home to the island kingdom. This time he is stronger than he has been for a quarter of a century . And again it hits the West.

Tokyo (AP) – Japan hasbeen hitby the strongest typhoon in 25 years. Kansai International Airport, located on an artificial island in the sea in the western province of Osaka , was flooded on Tuesday, Japanese media reported.

An aborted tanker was also hit against a bridge that connects the airport with the mainland. At first, there were no reports of victims. “Jebi” with wind speeds of up to 216 kilometers per hour hit the air and rail traffic in the west hard. Hundreds of flights had to be canceled, many rail links fell off.

It is the strongest typhoon in about a quarter of a century that hit the Japanese archipelago. Individual houses were damaged, on the Pacific coast huge waves came up. Factories stood still. The Universal Studios Japan , a popular theme park in Osaka remained closed. Likewise, department stores in the west of the country, including Osaka and the ancient imperial city of Kyoto.

“Jebi” hit the province of Tokushima on Japan’s smallest main island Shikoku, then the hurricane moved further north. The National Weather Agency warned of floods and landslides as a result of heavy rain and squalls. Later in the day, the typhoon over the Japan Sea will weaken.

The island kingdom of Japan has been hit by strong typhoons in recent times. It hit the west of the third largest economy in the world particularly hard. There, more than 220 people were killed as a result of floods and landslides.