Strong push-up tips

Your goal is the perfect pushups? Here are the most important tips.

Execution practice
Place hands about schlulterbreit and turn slightly inward, the hull is stable and does not sag. Important: a steady pace and keep the elbows close to the body. This protects the joints. Do not stretch your arms fully. So your muscles and not your bones carry the load.

Check direction
Do not look directly at the ground, but look slightly ahead. This increases the amount of movement (the chest can lower itself lower) and is more comfortable.

Warming up the muscles
The risk of injury is very great under this extreme strain. Therefore always warm up! This is how it works: Do 1 minute circling and 20 pushups on your knees before training.

Installing variations

For example, tight, wide, staggered push-ups. This requires maximum muscle.

Pause Insert
Thus muscles can recover and grow, you should allow at least one day of rest between units.

Divide the air
A proper breathing technique will help you to do more repetitions: take a deep breath on the way down, exhale explosively upwards.

your opponent So you do not stress your muscles unilaterally. For example, biceps with dumbbell curls, back muscles with reverse flys. Also benefit from a hull training (crunches, etc.). Because this will improve your work during push-up.

Complicate training
With the standard version, you mainly train your chest muscles. The closer your hands are, the more you ask for the upper arms. Not enough? Take push ups or dumbbells. This protects the wrists and the exercise becomes more intense as you can lower the chest lower.

At the beginning you can
not find a single push-up. Start on your knees or minimize your height. For example, place your hands on a table.

Controlling motivation
Exercise in front of a mirror. The sight of your groaning muscles is guaranteed to spur you on. And: Make sure before-and-after photos. The difference will blow you away.

To give up? No way! 
Give everything. Always do as many technically clean reps as you can to get the magic 100 at the end.