Shopping in the United States: Some states without tax

US travelers with shopping plans should inform themselves beforehand about the prices in the individual states, because these are very different. So in some parts of the United States no tax is levied on purchase.

Neu-Isenburg. When shopping in the US, there are price marked differences between the states. Because the sales tax – similar to the German VAT – varies from state to state, explains the Marketing Organisation Brand USA.

Thus, a product in New York be more expensive than on the other side of the Hudson River in New Jersey. Some states levy on the sale of clothing no tax, approximately Pennsylvania. And Oregon completely waives the sales tax. Some cities may turn but give regional taxes.

Completely tax-free shopping tourists in Louisiana and Texas. Upon presentation of a passport to get there voucher, with which the actual tax will be refunded. Tourists should check the tax situation in each state advises Brand USA .