She shows her life with Stefan Mross

She shows her life with Stefan Mross

Ten meters long, two and a half meters wide – so great is the home on wheels of pop singer Anna-Carina Woitschack and friend Stefan Mross! Although the artist couple has a house in Bavaria, the two prefer living in their caravan. For the podcast “Schlagergeflüster – Sawa Hill visits the stars”, the ex-DSDS participant opened the door to her private realm and spoke openly as never before about the love of Stefan and her life off the beaten track!

From wooden terrace and lavender garden over bike and lawn mower in the “house” Woitschack / Mross everything is available. “We enjoy that very much. You can sit here in the morning without make-up, in slacks and sweatpants, you feel good and you do not have to think: What do I look like? Photos may be taken at the hotel “, explains Anna-Carina (26) , when podcast presenter Sawa Hill visits her in the Europapark Rust. Here, the 26-year-old camps with her sweetheart Stefan Mross (43), during his TV work for “Again and again Sundays”.

The love of the caravan Anna was born in the cradle – as a daughter of a puppeteer family, she moved from childhood in huge caravans across the country. The showman’s life has left her today, but the love for the caravan has remained. A love that she also connects with Stefan Mross.

For more than two years, she and the hit star are now a couple, got to know each other on Stefan’s Christmas tour and love. In the podcast Anna remembers how it sparkled. ” I was single, I was somehow unhappy, I longed for a partner who likes my music and understands it,” she admits honestly. “And then Stefan came around the corner. We got along well from the start . “It sparked more every day until it finally happened during a winter walk: The first kiss! “Okay, now it got me!”

Do you want to hear the whole story? In the podcast “Schlagergeflüster” Anna-Carina Woitschack portrays presenter Sawa Hill emotionally and rousingly, how she lives, what she owes to her friend Stefan Mross and why she was not self-confident for a long time.

By the way, fans can look forward to it: There follows a second episode with Anna-Carina. Here she takes fans to dance training for her TV appearance – and even on a spontaneous shopping tour! Part two is expected to be released on the 12th of February in “Schlagergeflüster”.