RM Sotheby’s Oldtimer Auction London 2018

Of course RM Sotheby’s in London auctioned the usual million-dollar Ferraris , Maseratis and Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing. But also quite absurd, charming and rare. The most bizarre objects of the last auction .

As beautiful and desirable as a Ferrari 365 GTB / 4, a Jaguar E-Type of the first series or a Porsche 911 GT2 of the 993 series are also – this is then standard food at the car auctions in the world. A six-figure sum here, a million or two there, already one car collection has been smaller and another has been increased. Business as usual. Individualists may be more interested in the off-line program, the unique pieces and memorabilia as well as the vehicles , art and auto parts with a special history. Exactly these we present in this overview.

Maserati Barchetta from 1992

Porsche , Ferrari , Lamborghini : initiating a one-make cup is a good thing for a sports car manufacturer. Also Maserati had a Grantrofeo Monomarca Barchetta Maserati , held in the years 1992 and 1993. Dangers came with these open, uncompromising cars with interesting technical data: The only two-liter twin-turbo V6 makes 319 hp, with the 775 kilograms lightweight Car but should have no problems. A total of 17 copies were built, only a few – like the copy offered – a street legal. Not sold!

De Tomaso Guará Spyder from 1998

The road from the Maserati Barchetta to the De Tomaso Guará is shorter than expected, after all the chassis of the latter is based on the former. The De Tomaso looks like a supercar, but is quite harmless, finally provides the BMW supplied four-liter V8 reasonably manageable 286 hp. The car is still charming , especially because of its history. It is one of only four built Spyder specimens (alongside 38 coupes have arisen), comes from first owner and has already received much acclaimed appearances at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​- including this year. Not sold!

Sbarro Espera Genesis of 2008

A design study, shown at a large auto show, in the local garage: The idea has charm, especially if it is a real one-off piece. This Sbarro Espera Genesis was developed by the students of the Swiss Atelier and debuted at the Geneva Motor Show 2008. No roof, free-standing front wheels, angular and curved lines in alternation: The two-seater promises radicalism as well as driving pleasure. Only the drive does not seem to fit the concept: A V6 engine with automatic transmission from PSA , which otherwise performed in the top-class models of Peugeot and Citroën his service. Auctioned for 8,050 pounds (8,947 euros).

Zagato Zele 1000 from 1974

Zagato: The company name stands for beautifully designed Italian sports cars and Gran Turismos. Again and again Aston Martin resorted to the services of design and body foundry near Milan . It is less well known that Zagato was a pioneer in electromobility . Built between 1974 and 1976, the Zele 1000 has an electric motor from Marelli, four twelve-volt batteries and otherwise quite a bit of Fiat technology. Its top speed is 40 km / h and the maximum range is about 80 kilometers. Much more do not create modern electric minis yet. Auctioned for 11,500 pounds (12,782 euros).

Peel Trident of 2011

The Peel P50 probably know most car fans – at the latest, since Jeremy Clarkson the mini car several big appearances in ” Top Gear ” procured. The P50 was not the only product of the Isle of Man company . There was also the Trident since 1964, who – one may hardly believe it when looking at the photo – is the bigger car . It offers space for two people, not just one. This Peel Trident comes from the reissue, which has been produced near Nottingham since 2011 – with a combustion or electric motor. Auctioned for 10,925 pounds (12,142 euros).

Bond Bug 700S from 1972

Obscure tricycles had a long boom in the UK. They drove (almost) like cars and protected their occupants with roofs and windows from the wind and weather, but were treated like motorcycles with sidecar approval technology. They could therefore be driven with a lower driving license class and were favored for tax purposes. One of the best known representatives of this class was the Bond Bug. At its premiere in 1974, he caused a tremendous sensation, but ultimately he was only built for four years. The offered copy has been restored and should be in better condition than new cars. Auctioned for 16,100 pounds (17,894 euros).


Tuk Tuk from James Bond 007 “Octopussy”

The James Bond series is known and appreciated for chases with quirky fellows. One of the most famous is that from “Octopussy”. In this part 007, played by Roger Moore , is traveling in India and has to ward off in the very popular in Asia means of transport of the pursuers. The scene ends comparatively unspectacular, but such an original James Bond tuk-tuk – by the way, based on a 1982 Honda 250R – makes always good in their own vehicle collection. Auctioned for 7,800 pounds (8,669 euros).

Cylinder head of the 2003 Formula One Ferrari

Driver’s World Championship for Michael Schumacher , also the team was first: It was a successful season for Ferrari in 2003. But it was hard-won titles: Schumi had only two points clear of Kimi Raikkonen and eleven ahead of Juan-Pablo Montoya , at the Designers were also tight. The three-liter V10 engine had a decisive share in the good results. The engine, to which this cylinder head and attached exhaust system belongs, was produced according to the embossed messages in the middle of the year. Of course, the original signature of the record world champion only came after the V10 had done its duty and duty. Auctioned for 19,200 pounds (21,340 euros).

Steering wheel of the 1990s Formula 1 Ferrari

What was the time between 1984 and 1999 for a dry spell for Ferrari ! McLaren and Williams dominated Formula 1 , the spoiled Italian Scuderia did not get a title at this time. The last drivers’ championship won a Ferrari driver back in 1979. So the racing team used to like to, as Alain Prost for the 1990 season at the McLaren team the distance sought so no longer having to drive with his intimate enemy Ayrton Senna . In fact, Ferrari built a good car for this year , with only eleven points in the constructors’ championship for world champion McLaren. Cheers toohimself fought for the title for a long time and only lost it in the last race in a legendary as well as scandalous start accident with Senna in Suzuka. This steering wheel is therefore an essential part of a vice-champion Formula 1 racing car – after all. Auctioned for 4,200 pounds (4,668 euros).

Go-cart by Ayrton Senna

Only very few Formula 1 fans are likely to name Prost the best Formula One driver of all time. This honor is due more often to his great rival Ayrton Senna , who – which is very well documented – raged in this kart. Especially on March 19, 1994, when he and his friends heated the kart track on his property near Sao Paulo. There are photos and video footage of this fun Trackday, which should have been one of the last in the life of the Formula 1 Grandmaster. Because only a few weeks later found Ayrton Senna at the GP of San Marino in Imola at the wheel of his Williams car a much too early death. Auctioned for 12,000 pounds (13,337 euros).

Wire sculpture of the Lancia Delta Integrale

No, Benedict Radcliffe is not the type from the Harry Potter movies (that’s Daniel). Benedict Radcliffe makes car sculptures out of wire. Two of them will be auctioned in London . This one is modeled on a Lancia Delta Integrale, the rally icon from the late 80s and early 90s. At a scale of 1: 6, the sculpture impressively demonstrates what characterizes the works of the British: they look as if they have been drawn three-dimensionally into the air. The wire delta was created in 2017 and is just one of two existing on this scale. Auctioned for 2,640 pounds (2,934 euros).

Wire Sculpture of the Ferrari F40

Radcliffe can do it bigger, sometimes in original size. He proves that with this sculpture of ten millimeters thick mild steel, which reproduces a Ferrari F40 on a scale of 1: 1 . The single piece is therefore 4.50 meters long and 2.20 meters wide and is in mint condition – it was completed in July 2018. And which car deserves more deserving to be copied by Benedict Radcliffe as the F40, the fastest production car in the world in 1987 – he came on the market in 1987? After all, it is the last car created under the aegis of company founder and Commendatore Enzo Ferrari . Auctioned for 19,200 pounds (21,340 euros).

On-board tool of a Ferrari 275

A real Ferrari 275 could also be auctioned in London , but this required a million-pound budget. It was much cheaper to have an original tool kit, as it was then enclosed with every Ferrari 275. With seven open-end wrenches, five screwdrivers, two hammers, jack and what else you need when you are stranded with a defect with your classic sports car beauty. There is also a bit of special tools and a V-belt from Pirelli. Auctioned for 19,200 pounds (21,340 euros).

Fiat 600D Multipla

Who will buy a Fiat Multipla at an auction and pay a decent five-digit sum for it? Before misunderstandings arise: It’s not about the idiosyncratic six-seater van that Fiat built around the turn of the millennium, but about the ancestors of the 1950s and 1960s. Despite being only 3.53 meters long, it also accommodates six people spread over three rows of seats. At full occupancy, the 767 cc engine with 25 hp will have a hard time pushing the car . Nevertheless, the speedometer reaches 120 km / h. That in LondonIncidentally, this copy is in the state-of-the-art version and has just 5,547 kilometers on the clock. Auctioned for 23,000 pounds (25,563 euros).

Gebhardt 88C2 from 1987

What is now the LMP1 and LMP2 category was called C and C2 about 30 years ago. Washable prototype racing cars, whose stronger representatives were used by plants such as Porsche , Sauber-Mercedes and Jaguar. The C2 class was the playground for private teams, including the Gebhardt brothers. This 88C2 drove mainly at overseas races and in the Interseries held in Europe and is fueled by an interesting engine: A two-liter five-cylinder turbo from Audi, as it was used in the legendary IMSA Quattros. Not sold!