Record-breaking: These are the most extreme cities in the world

Faster, higher, further – these ten cities are absolute world leaders in their respective categories. For Beijing is not in this case, however, necessarily a compliment …

The dirtiest: Beijing, China. “As the world” – so describe Europeans the moment in Beijing “Red Alert” is proclaimed. Then, particulate pollution is namely by more than twenty times higher than the threshold WHO.

The dirtiestBeijing, China.

The loudest: Delhi, India. Because wiggle one’s ears. Especially on the ring road to the south of Delhi, people are faced with extreme noise. There the load is usually around 16 times higher than the statutory maximum.


The most expensive: Singapore, Singapore. The analytics company “Economist Intelligence Unit” compares annual cost of living (bread, rent, transport) in major cities worldwide. The Power Ranking 2016: Singapore before Zurich and Hong Kong.


The Coldest: Yakutsk, Russia.
In far east of Russia it is better to pack a hat more! The average temperature in January is around -45 degrees Celsius. In the (ice) peaks even minus 63 degrees are possible.


The H#ttest: Ahvaz, Iran. 90 (!) Degrees warmer, it can be in the summer months in Khuzestan province. Between June and August live about one million inhabitants of the desert city at 45 degrees Celsius – in the middle!

Ahvaz, Iran

Supreme: La Rinconada, Peru. There are people for many reasons not to live voluntarily on 5,100 meters above zero. In the Peruvian Andes Puno region, there is a: Gold. Around 40,000 estimated hunters counts the community now.


The most dangerous: Caracas, Venezuela. The incredible number of 120 murders per 100,000 inhabitants brings the city this inglorious title. In second place follows San Pedro Sula in Honduras (111 murders), in San Salvador, El Salvador (108).


The most inhabited: Manila, Philippines. Who’s afraid of tight spaces, Manila should avoid. Nearly 45,000 people share one square kilometer in the Southeast Asian metropolis. That is twice as many as for example, in New York.


The Safest: Tokyo, Japan. The “Safe City Index” of the British “Economist” determines how secure life in the world’s metropolises. Winner of 2015 was Japan’s capital. In the squares followed Singapore and Osaka.


The Greatest: Mexico City, Mexico. 8.8 million people share the urban area of ​​the mega-metropolis. Measured by the metropolitan city would only way to second place (23.6 million). These statistics include Tokyo, significantly (about 40 million).