RAM TRX REBEL CONCEPT Terrain Firecracker with almost 600 hp


Ram Trucks has introduced a new concept car, in which shakes the desert. The 6.2-liter engine roars with 575 hp across the prairie.

With the special model has Rebel Ram Trucks, the American commercial vehicle Division of Fiat-Chrysler Group, already a pretty funny site car in the program. In the style of the successful Ford Raptor of Ram Rebel bolzt with approximately 400 HP, Lift kit and 33er terrain tire through the landscape . But in comparisonNow find the best credit! to Ram TRX Rebel Concept the production car is only a gentle breeze.

During a show in Texas, the development department of Ram Trucks has made a beast on wheels that has it all. And instead of just to screw a few components, the Ram TRX Rebel Concept was built completely from the frame again.

Hemi V8 with 6.2 liters


Under the hood is ready the 6.2L HEMI V8 to work, assisted by a supercharger. 575 hp gather in the concept truck. When transmission is an eight-speed TorqueFlite automatic in operation, the with gearshift paddles on the steering wheelVideo: Tesla Model S drives autonomously can be operated manually.
However centerpiece of the renovation is the suspension with completely new articulation, suspension and damping. The suspension travel has been increased by 40 percent and now stands at 34 centimeters. So there is potential for something more upbeat ride and further jumps in Ram Rebel.
To the wider trackVideo: Tesla Model S drives autonomously and the fat tires (37 inches, on Beadlock rims) visually represent harmony, which was body total broadened the Ram TRX Rebel Concept is 15 centimeters wider than the production car. The transfer case, a BorgWarner 44-45, is fitted as standard and features four selectable drive modes.

Ram TRX Rebel Concept with 575 hp

At the rear axle an Dynatrac differential lock is electrically switched , the front differential remains open. On the loading two spare wheels are housed standing. Quite noisy : The exhaust system ends on both sides in the side sills. As it sounds, you can use the videoVideo: Tesla Model S drives autonomously to understand.

The interior was completely redesigned while, but unobtrusive. Multipoint belts for leathered sport seats, a thick, flat-bottomed steering wheel , nice touches like the custom shifter or anodized switch. Loops instead of door handles are reminiscent of the Pro-Trucks of the American desert racing.