Racing motorcyclists: So the police caught bikers with camera photos

Racing motorcyclists: So the police caught bikers with camera photos

How does the police actually detect motorcyclists who have been flashed? The license plate makes it difficult. But there are ways and means.

Again and again the rumor goes round that motorcyclists do not have to worry if they were flashed. For how do the police want to determine who can be seen on the speed camera photo – so completely without a license plate and the face hidden behind the visor?

Although the two points above make the work of the police more difficult, they are not impossible. Because this has its ways to get Rasern on the track; whether on four or two wheels.

So the police determined flashed motorcyclists

Most speed cameras in Germany photograph Raser only from scratch. Bad for motorists, good for motorcyclists. Because on the bike the license plate is only mounted at the rear . However, there are now occasionally speed cameras, which also shoot from behind a photo of the Raser. Then the police have easy game to detect too fast motorcyclists.

But if the police only have a picture from the front, things are a bit more difficult. Then the police will have three more options. For example, you can compare the photo with all motorcycles registered in the same district . However, they must then visit every suitable holder. This method is usually used wherever the same driver has been flashed.

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Option two is the use of mobile flashers. In places where motorcyclists are regularly too fast, they simply turn off the cops who take the speed measurements. In such cases, the traffic offenders can be made quickly.

More effort prepares the last method. It is used to identify speeders based on facial features, their protective clothing or their motorcycle. This variant is also used to convict the real driver. Because only to determine the holder brings nothing in Germany. It must be clearly demonstrated who was driven and flashed.

In case of doubt, a logbook must be kept

Can not be established without doubt that the holder was also the flash driver, can be imposed on him to keep a logbook. If you are still rattling your motorcycle, you can use the book to prove who has driven. If it is meticulously maintained.

Only with serious speed violations is determined

Since many of these measures are associated with a high investigation effort, the authorities usually follow only massive speeding violations of motorcyclists. Device but always the same racer in the speed trap is also determined.