Public Instagram talk about Rudi Assauer

Public Instagram talk about Rudi Assauer

Sophia Thomalla posts a children’s photo of herself and Rudi Assauer (†) on Instagram. In the comment column next to it, Simone and Sophia talk in public – but why actually?

Only on Thursday (7 February) Sophia Thomalla , 29, published touching words to say goodbye to her “foster father” Rudi Assauer, († 74 ). She broke off contact with Rudolf “Rudi” Assauer years ago and regrets it today. After all, the Thomalla ladies spent a full ten years of Easter, Christmas and holidays with the football legend. Of course, the death of the former manager of his ex-partner Simone Thomalla , 53, and her daughter Sophia.

Sophia Thomalla posts new, old Rudi Assauer photo

Just one day later, another mourning posting follows on the social media platform. Sophia posts a private snapshot of Rudi and herself, as a young girl. A cute family photo from happy times that both Thomalla women like to remember. Simone answers publicly and is visibly touched:

” Thank you, Sophia, it is so immensely poignant for me to read how you have experienced our time together, thank you for taking these words from me, talking to me from the bottom of my heart, being so honest, I am deeply touched and have nothing to add to that As a mother I can only say: I did everything right, a proud feeling, now we let him go … In love, Mom. ”

Simone Thomalla is proud of her daughter

As a user, one asks oneself briefly: Does not know Simone Thomalla the Direktnachrichten function with Instagram yet? But let’s be lenient: After all, “Mama Simone” expresses her deep feelings with this deliberately public commentary. It is probably her way of looking back nostalgically. Simone is proud of her daughter’s honesty and maybe something Sophia uses to make her emotional outlook more visible during this time of mourning.