Online Application for Ford GT 2016 – Only 250 copies of the GT will build Ford a year 2016

Only 250 copies of the GT will build Ford a year 2016. The price of the 600-horsepower super sports car: 500000-550000 euros. But simply shelling out only the coal is not enough to get one.

The time has come, the battle for the new Ford GT is opened. The carmaker has release the ordering process for the super sports car with twin turbo V6 and 600 hp. Namely online at

Only 250 Ford GT per year

But simply put only the checkmark next to “Buy” is not enough, a Ford GT to get. Because: You have to apply for the Ford online platform in order to acquire a. A virtual interview, so to speak.

Each year, the US automaker plans to build 250 copies. And to guarantee that each model gets into the right hands through the application process. No celebrity or millionaire bonus so. Full bags alone are not enough. As the “Detroit News” writes, already some buyers of Ford management level should have kept blank checks to his nose. All rejected.

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Ford wants loyal long-term customers reward

Everyone has to fight through the online application. Buyers are placed there among others a few questions. For example, how many cars you own Ford? How active you are in the social networks? How often do you plan on using the Ford GT to drive? Loyalty Ford customers and / or prospective customers who already call a Ford GT predecessor, which was built between the between 2004 and 2006 their own, basically have better cards, says Ford. And it shall be guaranteed that the GT moves to species level is not gathering dust in a museum or a garage, and always has a presence on social media platforms. Say: The Ford GT is to keep talking.

Money Geier, who are only interested in buying, and then flog the super sports for far more ashes are to be deterred by a contractual clause. Accordingly, each candidate must undertake the Ford GT for sale for a specified period.

Interested parties must be no later than Thursday, May 12, 2016 23:59, officially apply. The receive within von24 hours a confirmation email that your application has been received. The first customer cars to be delivered later this year. The today launched application process relates to the production of the first two years – thus, it is now the world only by a total of 500 Ford GT copies. After confirmation of the buying interest occurs the “Ford GT concierge service” to the plan. The is available to shoppers at the completion of specific sales contract and in Auslieferungdes vehicle – also help if desired before the Haustüre- and even after delivery of the vehicle with help and advice available.

In our slide show we will show you the secret cellar by the Ford GT was built.