NORTH KOREA : USA send second aircraft carrier

A second US aircraft carrier is on its way to the waters near the Korean peninsula. This is reported by media from the USA and South Korea. This is not so unusual, says the Navy.

Seoul In the midst of growing tensions in the conflict with North Korea, the US, according to media reports, sent a second aircraft carrier to patrol the waters near the Korean peninsula. The USS Ronald Reagan is expected to participate in exercises in the West Pacific together with the USS Carl Vinson on Friday, the US broadcaster CNN and the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

In the longer term, it is planned that the “Ronald Reagan”, whose hometown Yokosuka in Japan is the “Carl Vinson” in the region, CNN reported, citing officials of the Pentagon. After a new rocket test in North Korea, the US sent the “Carl Vinson” to the region for the second time this year as a demonstration of strength. According to the US Navy, there have been double-use aircraft carriers in the Western Pacific for years.

North Korea had once again tested a medium-range missile last Sunday and thereby violated UN resolutions. According to US experts, the test showed that North Korea is making progress in the development of an intercontinental rocket.

North Korea is striving to build such rockets, which could also hit the mainland of the US. The UN Security Council had severely condemned the test. The Communist leadership in Pyongyang regularly raises an attack on the United States through its joint military exercises with South Korea, which both countries are contesting.

United States: USS Carl Vinson

The bearers of the US Nimitz class, like the USS Carl Vinson , have been the world’s largest ships of war. Powered by two atomic reactors and four steam turbines, they have up to 6,300 man crew. The last ship of this class cost 6.3 billion US dollars.

The monthly operating costs of an aircraft carrier of this size are approximately 13 million dollars. The ships are almost unlimited in time. They are designed for a useful life of around 50 years. Ten ships of the Nimitz class are the US aircraft carrier fleet. But a new ship from the USA has now overtaken the Nimitz class …