No family visit to the prison

No family visit to the prison

Bill Cosby has been in prison in Pennsylvania for four months – but no family member has ever visited him.

Actor Bill Cosby, 81, has been in prison for four months . All in all, he faces at least three and a maximum of ten years in prison at SCI Phoenix Prison in Pennsylvania because of severe sexual assault. Now it became known: The fallen star apparently has little contact with his relatives. Bill Cosby is said to have been visited since his arrest not once by his family.

The 81-year-old was transferred from a shielded area to a community section of the detention center where he has to share the cell with other inmates , according to US media reports . Cosby is said to be almost blind and thus relies on the help of a companion. Allegedly, he does not even want his relatives to see him behind bars: “He does not want his family in this environment,” a spokesman for the former star reportedly said. The detention center would be only about 30 kilometers from the home of the Cosby.

His wife Camille Cosby (74) reportedly made only brief visits during her husband’s criminal proceedings, the children are said to have stayed away altogether. The 74-year-old, however, filed a complaint against the trial judge last year and accused him of bias. In addition, she allegedly works out a strategy, as her husband, with whom she has been married since 1964, as soon as possible free.