New registrations: The bestsellers in August

The registrations for segments where are reporting month less the placement change in the foreground. Thanks to the newly introduced exhaust cycle WLTP, which will apply from 1.9.2018, some manufacturers and car dealers have still allowed many cars before the deadline .

This not only means a boom within the individual vehicle segments, but also that many models will be available in the coming months as day registrations at low prices at the car dealers. Here are the details of the individual vehicle segments:

Minis: As before, the VW Up dominated the ranking before the Fiat 500 and the Renault Twingo . The small Frenchman, who is usually in the middle of the month, achieved 2,117 new registrations – an increase of 84.0 percent over the same month last year. Based on these increases , it is easy to see which manufacturer pressed NEDC certified models into the market. Skoda, for example, gained 143.6 percent on the Citigo , and the Peugeot 108 increased its registration rate by 236.0 percent.

Small car: Again, a VW is at the top and dominates the segment . The Polo reached 7,126 new registrations and recorded a registration increase of 124.8 percent. This is followed by Skoda Fabia (plus 62.5 percent) and the Opel Corsa with three percent fewer new registrations than in August 2017. The other models with WLTP increase are: Ford Fiesta (plus 118.8 percent), Suzuki Swift (plus 100, 2 percent) and Alfa Mito with plus 129.7 percent.

Compact class : As usual, the VW Golf is also in August 2018 on the top podium place of new registrations by segment . 17,501 approvals speak a clear language. The small increase as of August 2017 stands at 5.1 percent. Seat placed in the reporting month at No. 2 with 6,133 new registrations , an increase of 43.2 percent. The Audi A3 comes with 35.9 percent more approvals to 4993 models in the statistics of the KBA . Again, there are models that increasein the three-digit range. These include: Renault Mégane (152.4 percent), Hyundai Ioniq (137.3 percent), Nissan Leaf (181.0 percent) and the Infiniti Q30 with 123.1 percent more registrations than in August 2017.

Middle class: Leader here is the VW Passat , which brings it to 7,618 new registrations . Compared to the same month last year, 50.3 percent more Passat models were registered. In second place is the Audi A4 , whose 52.7 percent increase means a total of 6,194 models. The Mercedes C-Class is in third place (5,862 vehicles ); a minus of 1.3 percent.

It is noticeable in this segment that the growth is only moderate. The biggest outlier up is the aging Opel Cascada , which is now with an increase of 151.7 percent reinforced as a day pass / used cars.

Upper middle class: The upper middle cash consists only of seven models. Top model here is the Mercedes E-Class with 3,401 new registrations (plus 40.2 percent), followed by the BMW 5 Series (2,724 models, minus 18.6 percent) and the Audi A6 (2,679 new registrations , plus 1.2 percent). The registration boom owed to the WLTP introduction hits only the Jaguar XF – Plus 207.3 percent in the class.

Top class: At the top sits the Mercedes S-Class, which was 640 times approved in August ( increase compared to the same month last year: 21.2 percent). Behind it ranks the Porsche Panamera, whose 496 new registrations mean a plus of 58.0 percent. Third place goes to the Mercedes CLS with 461 new registrations . The model was not on the market last year. A huge increase in the rear seats sets the Audi A7 down. The Ingolstadt model was approved 427 times in August – an increase of 379.8 percent. The BMW 6 Series is also experiencing a three-digit increase with an increase of 154.1 percent.

SUV: In the boom segment of the SUV, the brand new VW T-Roc can establish itself at the top. He was admitted 6,465 times, behind which can the Renault Captur (3,678 vehicles ) place, a model that ranks rather in the middle ranks in this segment his existence. However, 118.7 percent more models were approved by the Frenchman than in August 2017. Third place goes to the Ford Kuga (3,484 new registrations ). The WLTP increases in this segment are also enormous: the ratio of the Kia Stonic increased by 460.2 percent, the Subaru XV is an increase of 195.8 percent and the RenaultKadjar an increase of 149.8 percent

Off-road vehicles: It remains: VW Tiguan is top (8,496, up 69.7 percent), Audi Q5 (2,867, 51.5 percent) and Q3 (2,421, 71.9 percent are in the following places A three-figure registration plus in the focus and on the used car market: Porsche Cayenne (up 327.6 percent), VW Touareg (up 202.0 percent) and Toyota Landcruiser (up 166.7 percent).

Sports car:

The pole position will go to the Porsche 911 in August . The sports car was with 850 new registrations and a multiple approval of 113.6 percent behind the competition. Especially since the Mercedes E-Class as a coupe with 517 vehicles 18.5 percent fewer models were approved in August 2018. With only one model could this month push the Ford Mustang in front of the Audi TT. Here it is 399 to 398, although the Audi is a registration increase of 110.6 percent. The sports car with the largest increase in registrations is the Ferrari 488: Plus 284.6

Mini-Vans: The segment has been shrinking for many years in favor of the SUV and contains only nine models. Nevertheless, the switch to WLTP has jumbled the segment . Stand so far, the Mercedes B-Class (1,879 new registrations ) confidently front, the Stuttgart must be beaten with minus 46.8 percent fewer registrations the Renault Scénic. Its 1,069 new registrations mean an increase of 122.6 percent as of August 2017. Third place – also unusual – goes to the Dacia Lodgy. Its registrations went up by 90.7 percent, to 925 vehicles .

Large-capacity vans: The VW Touran remains in first place, even with 2.4 percent fewer registrations than last year’s month. Its 3,354 models are sovereign at the top. Also from VW , but in recent months, much less popular, is the VW Sharan, which is now in second place. No wonder with 53.1 percent more approvals . And another representative of the VW Group is in third place, which usually does not appear there. The Seat Alhambra. Plus 148.2 percent mean 1,345 new registrations . Also in this vehicle segment stands out a Renault modelout: The Espace increases by 107.5 percent – to 193 vehicles .

Utilities: Volkswagen holds the flag high, recorded in the transporter 3,568 models and a registration increase of 38.9 percent. Behind it stands the little brother Caddy, who brought with 6.2 percent fewer approvals than in August 2017 still 2.169 models. Third place went to the Dacia Dokker with 1,598 new registrations and an increase of 94.4 percent.

Motorhomes: The campers are also in August 2018 with models on Fiat Ducato basis underway. The 1,883 models have dominated the segment for many years. Behind, far behind ranked Citroën Jumper with 510 and VW Tanssporter with 204 new registrations .