New Audi Q3 (2018) driving report

Since the first Q3, Audi has sold over 1.1 million since 2011, now it’s time for a successor. The new Q3 will arrive in the fall of 2018 and looks more like the Q5 than its predecessor.

Body and interior
seat fitting
Infotainment and assistance
Engines from 150 to 230 hp
Price and Markstart (Conclusion)
With the Audi Q3 changes the last compact SUV from the VW Group on the modular transverse box (MQB). He shares the MQB 37A2 with Skoda Kodiaq and VW Tiguan. Reads abstractly, but has a concrete effect: longer wheelbase and shorter overhang stretch the new Q3 optically in the length. In addition there is a new infotainment , more assistance systems than before and an expanded variability. The new Q3 will be released in mid-November, with prices starting at 33,500 euros for the 35-liter TFSI with a 150-horsepower gasoline engine.

Driving Report Audi Q3

So, let’s go. To get started, we grab the top model 45 TFSI in the S-Line version with 230 hp, 350 Nm and seven-speed DSG and all-wheel drive. Since it should go ahead jagged, but somehow lacks the two-liter turbo engine in the curves and on the slopes of the Dolomites, the right bite, and the automatic tangled too often. Also, the exhaust system sounds less auspicious. Somewhat disappointed, we change to the basic diesel with 150 hp and 340 Nm and six-speed manual transmission and are immediately reconciled. The turbo diesel works not only cultivated, he also occurs amazingly strong and gives almost more fun than the strong petrol engine. All in all, handling and comfort have been achieved. Even with sports suspension, the Q3 springs well and does not bother its passengers with road damage, while the steering response is direct and precise, but not hyper-nervous. Accordingly, the Q3 should provide with adaptive dampers for even more driving comfort.

Body and interior

In fact, the new compact SUV is 9.7 inches longer, so it stretches pretty much to the size of the current VW Tiguan. However, the Q3 is seven inches flatter and an inch wider than a corporate brother. Compared to its predecessor, the new Q3 is 18 millimeters wider and 5 flatter – both benefit from a beefier appearance. Audi itself speaks of a design that is “significantly sportier and more aggressive” than its predecessor. This is also helped by the new single-frame grill.

More space in the variable interior

Of the almost ten centimeters outside length, five arrive in the interior. Passengers and luggage will find more space in the new Q3, thanks to the 7.8-centimeter longer wheelbase and the 15-centimeter rear seat.

The seat backs can be tilted in seven steps and folded in a ratio of 40:20:40. The trunk volume specifies Audi with 530 to 1,525 liters. With completely pushed back seat are the 70 liters more than the predecessor and packed about as much as the Q5. However, it has a longitudinal engine, while the Q3 carries the machine to save space across the bow.

seat fitting

The driver and front passenger are easier to get over lower sills and are better integrated into the car . The seat position, which has been lowered by three centimeters, and the upwards-pointing controls, such as the shift lever and air conditioning, give a whole new sense of space in the new Q3. In addition, because the steering column with 23.5 instead of 28 degrees slope flat in space, the steering wheel is much better at hand. With touch screen instead of rotary pushbutton, infotainment takes a leap into the modern age – and that fits well into the picture.

We expect from Audi that noble materials are carefully put together – with years of care, the brand has set the standards for itself. A surprise then are at most still the Alcantara inserts in the dashboard. Rather different than better are the door openers who want to be touched from below. Otherwise fits the ergonomics, the usability succeeds easily and everything sounds very solid. Driver and passenger have enough space and overview. Even at the back, nobody has to suffer: The entry is easy, the door opening is large and the seat height pleasant.

Infotainment and assistance

Also renewed is the infotainment . Where the predecessor still had a pop-up monitor and a slightly unfavorable placed rotary knob, the new now shows what is in the Modular Infotainment kit (MIB): a standard 10.25-inch Kombiinistrument about, the driver operated by multifunction steering wheel. For an additional charge, an 8.8-inch display will be added to the cockpit, while the navigation top model comes with a 10.1-inch display and a 12.3-inch instrument cluster.

With the navigation MMI Plus, the voice control understands free phrasing, asks questions or interrupts – like a good passenger. In addition, the navigation recognizes favorite routes and makes appropriate route suggestions. Traffic jams around the navigation system due to real-time traffic data. About LTE finds the navigation attractions, knows gas station prices and free parking. Whether they are free, the Navi learns just as well from other networked Audi vehicles as fog and black ice warnings. Riders can use the installed WLAN.

Engines from 150 to 230 hp

To start motorizing the Q3 petrol engine with 150, 190 and 230 hp – or a diesel with 150 hp. Later follows a 190-hp TDI. The two stronger petrol and diesel have two liters of displacement, four cylinders have all engines. The base gasoline engine has a four-cylinder with 1.5-liter displacement and front-wheel drive, all other engines come initially with an automatically switching Haldex four-wheel drive. The basic diesel with 150 hp will be offered later as a front-wheel drive with manual transmission. It can be assumed that a roughly 400 hp RS Q3 will follow.

Price and Markstart

The prices are not yet fixed, but unlike loading sill and entry are likely to be lower. The base model with 150 hp from a 1.5-liter turbo gasoline engine will probably not be less than 30,000 euros. The predecessor model last cost at least 31,100 euros with an equally strong drive. Given the expanded standard equipment with Tachodisplay and 17-inch wheels and the larger body is a moderate price increase is likely. The new Q3 will be built at the Hungarian Audi plant in Györ. The first cars will arrive in Germany in November 2018.

Market launch with Editions model

At the launch in November, there will be a special edition with S-Line sports package and 20-inch wheels. The edition model is painted in Pulsorange or Chronosgrey, the Audi rings in the single frame and the model designation on the rear are always painted black. Features include Matrix LED headlamps, sport seats with contrasting stitching, Alcantara inserts in the instrument panel and a sports suspension.