Magnetic Eyelashes and Co .: These are the new trends

Mascara alone is no longer enough for many: more and more are now banking on “fake lashes” – not just the celebrities!

Who does not dream of full and long eyelashes ? Celebrities like Kim Kardashian West (37, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians “) are no exception. More and more stars now rely on so-called “fake Lashes” (German: false eyelashes ). A trend that seems to continue to expand. In beauty salons or on the Internet there are now numerous offers for eyelash compaction or extension.

Eyelashes with magnet technology
In addition to the typical fake lashes, which are usually glued on, there are now also human hair eyelashes that are magnetically attached to your own eyelashes. Very small, almost invisible magnets make contact between the two anatomically shaped eyelash bands and hold the eyelashes together.

The attachment seems to work much easier than with the eyelash glue. The lower eyelash band only has to be pushed against the upper one and pressed down – the duo should already be able to hold on and not slip any further later. To remove only the two magnets must be pushed apart individually. The Magnetic Lashes are available, for example, in a pack of four for about 15 euros.

Perfectly curved eyelashes after getting up
If you want to reach deeper into the bag for a perfect eye make-up, you can also permanently compress or extend the eyelashes . In many beauty salons eyelash extensions between 90 and 300 euros are offered.

But beware: “permanent” and “permanent” means in this case only two to three weeks. Because the eyelash hairs are completely natural and with them also the fake XXL eyelashes. Therefore, the providers recommend that the eyelashes replenish every few weeks. The so-called “refill” then costs on average between 50 and 80 $.