Kia at the CES 2019

Kia will present a technology at CES 2019 that will enable automatic, emotion-oriented control of the interior design of the vehicle .

Kia will show pioneering vehicle interiors at the Consumer Electronics Show ( CESJanuary 8-12, 2019 in Las Vegas ) . The so-called interactive concept “Space of Emotive Driving” is intended for the time when autonomous driving is part of everyday life. According to the Kia developers, it’s time to intensify the driving experience.

For this, Kia, along with the Affective Computing group of the Media Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT) developed a technology called “Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving”. The system recognizes bio-signals and draws on the basis of artificial intelligence (AI) conclusions about the driver’s emotional state. Specifically, sensors detect the facial expression and measure, among other things, the skin conductivity (electrodermal activity, EDA) and the pulse. Through the use of Deep Learning technology, the system sets a standard for occupant behavior and recognizes behaviors and propensities. Accordingly, the design of the interior is done – so an encouraging environment to a more joyful driving experience.

For the first time completely automatic

Albert Biermann , President and Chief Development Officer at Kia Motors and formerly Head of Development at BMW M, praises the “wordless communication” between the vehicle and the driver. Biermann , who has also developed the sporty i30 N from Kia’s mother Hyundai , sees the time for a combination of modern vehicle technology and emotional intelligence.

Vehicle interiors , which can be varied to suit the needs of the driver, have been around for some time – for example at Audi , BMW and Mercedes . The type and intensity of the music, color, brightness and distribution of the interior lighting with ambient light, temperature and strength of the air flow as well as a scenting and ionization of the air are already largely automated. A completely automatic control based on emotion recognition would be new.

Virtual touch gesture recognition

With V-Touch Kia also presents a system for detecting touch gestures at CES . A 3D camera observes the eyes and fingertips of the occupant. This allows the passengers to make settings for the lighting, the air conditioning, the entertainment system and the interior atmosphere by finger gestures. According to Kia , the functions are managed via an “inconspicuous” head-up display.

Music control for the seats

Also new: a music control for the seats. According to Kia , the inmates should then not only hear the music but also feel it by adjusting the seat vibrations to the Audi frequencies. Known but not widespread at Kia : The seats also have massage programs and in combination with assistance systems also have a warning vibration function.

Visitors can try out Kia’s new technologies in three cockpits. With the one-person cockpit READ Me, the system uses seat vibration and special sounds and aromas to create the right atmosphere for the driver. In the two-seat cockpit READ Now a tour through Las Vegas is simulated. Here, testers and entertainment offers are made to the testers on the basis of a sentiment analysis. You can try the new gesture control V-Touch with games and music selection. The four-seat cockpit READ Motion simulates a mobile. Trade fair visitors can check schedules and meeting minutes, check e-mails and participate in videoconferences via the head-up display.

Pedal Electric Drive for Study Seed Car

Kia also brings a four-wheeled electric bike to CES : the Seed Car is meant for the “smart city”. The range of the pedelec should be 100 kilometers – for the driver must pedal, supported by an electric motor. On longer distances, the Seed Car arrives in the autonomous shuttle called “Bird Car”.