Instagram: The hottest twins in the world

They are called “the hottest twins on Instagram ” – how they find that and what their book “Double Power” is about, the Baessler Twins reveal in an interview.

They are already fitness and social media stars, now Julia and Stephanie Baessler (25) have also published a book. In “Double Power” the twins from Austria want to explain their concept of success. In addition to sports and healthy nutrition, the two have a healthy relationship with themselves and self-confidence. They also tell their own story in the book, which is characterized by a serious illness, as revealed in an interview with spot on news.

They used to be unhealthily thin, sometimes weighing only 40 kilos. How did that come about and what helped you find your way back to a healthy body image?

When we were 18 or 19 years old, we suffered from anorexia and have long struggled to rid ourselves of this disease. This situation made us feel physically as well as mentally, and we came to a point where we knew that our lives had to change. Our ideal of beauty has changed and we wanted to feel strong, fit and vital. Strength training and empathy with our personality helped us to achieve this goal and we are feeling better now than ever before.

They are considered Instagram stars – how do young girls manage not to be influenced in a negative sense by the social media in which stars usually perform perfectly?

It is important never to compete with others, to compare one’s life to another, and to feel bad about it. Even stars whose life seems “perfect” have bad days, feel unwell or have doubts. However, these are usually not carried to the public. The situation of others should always be used as a motivation, as an incentive, as an inspiration to work on oneself and on one’s own goals. However, you should never try to copy or become someone else. Each person is unique, has other talents and should therefore always try to become the best version of himself.

There are countless diets and diets – what does your personal diet plan look like?

We have no concrete “nutritional plan”. We neither count calories nor do we eat certain foods at specific times. To get out of our eating disorder, we had to develop a very good sense of body and now know exactly what and, above all, how much we can eat to keep our figure or change ourselves the way we like it. We eat when we are hungry and forbid us any food. According to the motto “the dose makes the poison”, we treat ourselves to sweets or fast food – albeit in moderation. The only “restriction” that we have deliberately set ourselves is the renunciation of meat, a diet that we have been following for about two years.

They like to dress in bikini or lightly clothed and have nicknames like “the twins” or “the hottest twins”. How do you find these terms?

Yes, that’s right, we often show very physical and such names are not uncommon. Of course, we are complimented by compliments about our character. However, we do not want to be reduced to our appearance and see in these terms also very superficial.

How do you deal with negative comments?

To be honest, negative comments have dropped sharply in recent years, we hardly get any more. We are always grateful for constructive criticism because it helps us to improve. We do not take insults or the like seriously and try not to let them in on us. These people, in most cases, have less of a problem with us than with themselves.

Is there competition between you?

It would be a lie to negate this completely. When you’re like us, you’re often tempted and given the opportunity to compare or measure yourself. In times of our eating disorder, this competitiveness was very strong in terms of our weight. Each one wanted to be thinner than the other, and we were big competitors in that respect. Today, such situations rarely occur and we work very well together as a team.

What do not you do with each other?

We both have a long-distance relationship and regularly try to spend time with our partners. Although we appreciate having a human being who is similar in every way, we also enjoy the time we do not spend together.

What is important to you in men?

Although our friends could not be more different visually, they are similar in character. They support us in every way, but also give us criticism if we could improve something. Properties such as openness, intelligence, self-confidence, reliability and creativity are important to us. We also appreciate that our partners do not get jealous on every occasion. It is certainly not every man easy to see bikini images of the girlfriend on the Internet, which are often commented on by other men. Trust plays a big role here.

There are many guides to nutrition and fitness. What makes your book special?

Our book covers a much wider range. Not only do we focus on building muscle and physical strength, we also value mental strength. This includes the continuous development of self-confidence and the strengthening of the willpower, but also self-motivation and well-being. We show how to achieve not only physical but also mental top form and thus make his goals and wishes come true. In our opinion, body and mind are one and the same, it is important to train both equally and develop them in harmony.

What is the most important thing you want to give your readers?

We want to teach our readers how important it is to fight for their own well-being, never to be beaten down and to work towards their goals. Two components play an important role here: our body and our personality. We think that one should always try to reach the top form on both levels in order to feel well all around.

How this works, we describe in our book, which consists of two major parts: In the first part “Strong Mind” we are concerned with personality development, give tips to strengthen the staying power, the own will and self-esteem. The second part “Strong Body” is all about the appropriate training method, we show workouts to improve our own fitness, disprove nutritional myths and reveal healthy favorite recipes.

Is Christmas a reason for you to take a break with sports and sometimes hit food more than usual?

It’s not so much what you eat at Christmas time, but what you eat all year long. We feed ourselves most of the time very healthy and balanced and then treat ourselves during Christmas time and a few biscuits and drink punch. As always, the quantity is crucial. There is nothing against gingerbread and Co. consumed in moderation. In addition, you can easily reduce calories by simply baking Christmas cookies with less sugar and fat.