Incredible cycle super highways of the future In Norway Will Spend Almost $1 Billion on New Bike Highways

Norway has just announced a new tool in its fight against transit emissions: a new network of bike highways.

NEW Cycle: A cycle path with markings on Gaustad in Oslo. The new super-bike roads should be interconnected roads with high standard that facilitates fast and direct cycling long distances, according to NTP proposal.

Super-bike weighs 8 billion to be rolled out in major cities, suggests NPRA in the National Transport Plan. Several regional politicians warn that the measure will be great for the few – only six months.I’m not in favor of a commitment to these so-called super-bike roads at all. There is a very limited portion of the road that can take advantage of these roads, leader Odd Eiler Persen in Finnmark Progress.

He reacts to the violent of hype by bike as the future mode of transport in the long fjord and mountainous ours.

We in our part of the country will have to prioritize roads. Moreover, the both we here in Finnmark and large parts of the country affected by the winter half year.When not cycling trips the first thing I think about, says the head of Finnmark FRP VG.


30-40 km / h

The development of super-bike trails or bike expressways, where it should be cycled in 30-40 km / h, are proposed as one of the main initiatives in the agencies’ proposed National Transport Plan (NTP) , which was presented Monday.

Oslo will get two super-cycle paths if the proposal is taken into account, while eight others have been proposed in other areas.

County leader Bengt Faster Aune Oppland Centre Party, nor have any sense of the new super-bike roads around big cities.

– Using eight billion of this is a wrong priorities while important rural measures Intercity to Lillehammer and E6 through Gudbrandsdalen is not completed, said Faster Aune told VG.

Call cycle paths for stunt

– Before starting with new stunt like this kind of cycle paths must finalize the projects already begun, adding Q-county manager to.

He does not believe that cycling to work is a great winter activity, even in Oslo.

Kjell Idar Juvik is Labor politician from Nordland in Parliament’s transport committee. He is generally a supporter of facilitating for biking, but warns that it is the large cities who runs away with the big money and projects.

– It is important that this does not compromise the good initiatives in rural areas. I find it strikingly few measures in northern Norway in NTP. Right now in the winter there are not as relevant to throw himself on the bike. People have more than enough to get out and cost the snow off the car, says Juvik VG.

Interconnecting bike trails

In Denmark, super-bike trails already established and tested in a few years. Cyclists Danes appreciate the measure, according to TU .

bike trail


NPRA also writes in its proposed transport plan 2018-2029 that it is necessary to have a more connecting cycle on the main entrances.

 Experiences from typical bike cities in other countries shows that it is necessary with comprehensive cycle network along the major route, but also a more fine-meshed net in sentrums- and residential areas. Safe and attractive bicycle parking at public transport nodes and larger target points are important to facilitate cycling , “writes planners NTP document .

Super-cycle path or sykkelekspressvei defined as a continuous cycle path with high standard that facilitates fast and direct cycling long distances.

To ride to work

vtBIKE-TRAILER: Veidirektør Terje Moe Gustavsen presented Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s proposal for a comprehensive commitment to super-cycle paths Monday

– This is a new form of bicycle initiatives in Norway, and is an important means of getting more people to choose the bicycle over the car on the journey to work. Bike Express Routes will make electric bicycle to a more appropriate alternative means of transport, said veidirektør Terje Moe Gustavsen, NPRA during the press conference Monday.

Director Lars-Svein Drabløs in Sogn og Fjordane FRP. however not exceeding thrilled bike initiative.

– I prefer rather that money increasingly be used in strengthening public transport than by bicycle measures around the major cities. In winter the country Norway is the limited time of year we can cycle. I think it seems a lot to spend 8 billion in super-bike trails, says Drabløs.

In Møre og Romsdal hope, however, manage Olav Myklebust in the Centre that bike focus on new super roads can get cities that Molde and Ålesund to good.

– That it be possible for many more people to use the bike around the big cities, where many are struggling with high air pollution and asthma and allergy, it supports me, says Myklebust.

He hopes that efforts may eventually be expanded also to include some smaller towns as the two largest cities in his home county.

Electric bicycle boom?

Transport Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen believes the emergence of elsykler will get more people to carry out itself on two wheels in the future.

– Who can bear to ride four mil to get to work? Elsykler will change people’s willingness to ride far and do something with ground challenges in Oslo and distance challenge in Jæren, said Transport Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen (FRP) during the presentation of NTP proposal Monday.

Liberal Abid Raja of the Transport Committee is itself known to be an avid cyclist, including cycled the length of Norway. He believes we have only seen the beginning of cycling as a trend among Norwegians.

– Super-cycle paths are right commitment. But it must not be at the expense of other measures kollektivtrafikkl and good initiatives in rural areas, says Raja.

– But it objected from rural Norway that cycling only takes half the year?

– No, cycling has become a helårsaktivtitet with studded tires and elsykler. And it will only continue. Biking is trendy, cool and sporty. It has a tremendous public health impact. Therefore, express bike weighs a proper measure, and it should come in more and more cities.