How to Get 60-Cent Pancakes From International House Of Pancakes (Ihop)

Pancakes From International House Of Pancakes (Ihop)
1.25 cup / s flour
1 egg
1.25 cup buttermilk
0.25 cup sugar
1.5ts baking soda
1t of soda; (Baking soda)
0.25 cup / t vegetable oil
1 pinch of salt
Fat for the pan, or nonstick spray
This is the complete original recipe for the pancakes as they are
served daily at IHOP in the USA.

1. Preheat a pan over medium heat. It is best to use a
coated pan; or grease well.

2. Mix all ingredients to a smooth dough.

3. With a spoon, add enough dough to the h#t pan to make a
pancake 13 cm in diameter.

4. When the edges start to harden (they should now be
golden brown), turn the pancakes .

5. Bake the second side until golden too


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