Hilarious Advice Of Doctor

A Man Went To His Doctor And He Says “Six times a day”..
This guy went to his doctor full of anger.
“Doctor”, he said, “I feel like killing me wife. She is indifelity pesonified, You have got to help me.
The doctor decided on how to best handle the case. “Look”, he said, “Here are some pills.
You take two of these twice a day and they’ll enable you to f#ck you wife six times a day. If you do this for thirty days, you will f#ck her to death.”
“Wonderful doctor,” said the paitent.
I think I should buy a secluded flat near Marina beach so there won’t be anything to interfere with us and no one will be suspicious.
He left with a bottle of pills in his and a simle on his face.

Nearly a month passed, Once the Doctor was roaming at the Marina beach and saw a familiar figure comming along a wheel-chair, just managing to moveiforward.
“What happened”, the Doctor asked recognising his patient.
“Dont worry, Doctor”, the patient reassured him, “Two more days and she will be dead.”