Google is testing streaming of complex video games

Google wants to push the limits of today’s streaming technology andleta technically demanding video game in high quality from the net play.

Mountain View (AP) – For the new game ” Assassin’s Creed Odyssey” had been selected in collaboration with the provider Ubisoft , Google announced on late Monday. As part of the “Project Stream” test, selected users in the US will be able to play it for free on Chrome’s web browser from October 5th.

Running a complex game over an Internet connection is a major technical challenge, Google emphasized . Among other things, the reaction time should not exceed milliseconds and no loss of quality in the graphics is allowed. Interested parties who want to apply as a participant, should have a 25 megabits per second fast Internet line, Google emphasized .

Among other things, the Sony Playstation manufacturer already offers video games streaming, but the games will be issued in lower resolution than a game running from a disc and the image quality may vary. At 5 megabits per second, Sony also requires a significantly lower bandwidth of the Internet connection than Google in its test.