Good bye, hello muscles: exercises for tight arms

Good bye, hello muscles: exercises for tight arms

In order not to stand with Winkearmen and sagging skin, an effective training is required. We will give you exercise suggestions that will help you to look after your beautiful, well-trained and tight arms.

Skin becomes flabby with age

Especially in women over 40 years, it can increasingly come to compliant and flabby skin on the upper arms. Reason is the declining connective tissue. Sport is then a good way to counteract this problem. Primary is the classic dumbbell training.

If you do not have dumbbells on hand, you can do the exercises with full bottles of mineral water. Alternatively, you can fill a backpack with weights of your choice and easily adjust the intensity of the training to your needs.

It is best to do a training for the arms every other day. To do this, train your biceps (arm flexor) and your triceps (arm stretcher). For the biceps are so called bicep curls. An effective full-body exercise without equipment is the push-up.

The bicep curls

Good bye, hello muscles: exercises for tight arms

For the biceps curls, grab a dumbbell (or water bottle) in each hand and get into a hip-width stance, with the arms at the side of the body. Put your shoulders back. Now move the dumbbells slowly and in a controlled manner without moving your upper body or upper arms. Your shoulders and elbows should remain fixed throughout the upward movement and should not be overly moved.

The uppermost point of the movement defines itself, but is at the level of the shoulder joints, depending on the anatomy. The body should not resonate throughout the movement. Tighten your biceps at the top point and then slowly return the weight to the starting position until the arms are almost stretched again. Repeat this exercise 20 times. Then you should pause for one to two minutes and perform another 20 repetitions.

The triceps stretching

Good bye, hello muscles: exercises for tight arms

Once you have completed your biceps program, it is now time to train the triceps. For this purpose, especially pushups or the so-called Trizepsstrecken are. In this exercise, each arm is trained individually. Sit upright on a chair with a backrest. Take a dumbbell and extend your arm upwards. Return controlled and slowly to a position where your arm forms a right angle. Now follows the next repetition.

Do 20 reps here as well to do it again after a few minutes break. Also pay attention to a controlled movement in this exercise. If you perform this type of training regularly over a period of eight to twelve weeks, ie every one to two days, the first results are already evident.

The push-up exercises arms and body effectively

For defined and tight upper arms, the push-up is an ideal exercise, which can be modified depending on the muscle to be addressed. To train the triceps, place your hands close together at chest height and then perform the push-up. For a simplified version you can put on your knees. If you want to complicate the exercise, you can carry a backpack with weights.