From Iceland to Patagonia: These are the most spectacular caves in the world

Always just dark and tight? By the way – caves are not just far more diverse than many think. They are also full of incredible beauty. We’ll tell you where to find the most magical underground places on earth.

One thing is certain: If you were to start a world tour to the most magnificent caves of our planet today, you would probably be busy for a while. For there is much more to see in the hidden subterranean corners and layers of the earth than one might spontaneously suspect.

How about, for example, a cave in New Zealand, in which countless mushroom gap larvae ignite a glowing light spectacle? Or a trip to Asia’s subterranean prayer places, where divine light falls on shrines and altars from above? Not to be missed are the wonderful sea caves of the Algarve, the bizarre icicles of Lake Baikal or the monumental basalt columns in the Fingal’s Cave of Scotland.

Also “Game of Thrones” filmed in a famous cave
Some of these places, such as the Reed Flute in Guilin, China, are real tourist magnets. For others, such as the pastel-blue marble caves of Patagonia, you first have to accept a long and arduous journey. From the world’s third largest cave in China, where even a multitude of tents seem tiny, to the small, geothermal cave in Iceland, where a famous s8x scene from “Game of Thrones “was filmed.

But find out for yourself which cave type you are. From Iceland to Patagonia – in our big picture show we show you the most magical underground treasures of the world.