Formula 1 Events 2017

The Formula 1 season 2017 starts well again with the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.

The first Formula 1 events in 2017 are known – albeit with reservations. The new F1 calendar 2017 again include 21 races, starting on March 26 in Melbourne and guesting at Hockenheim. The next FIA Weltratsitzung on 28 September in Paris, the first version of the F1 calendar will be published 2017th

Normally, the first coming Formula 1 dates for next season always out in the summer. But the F1 calendar in 2017 it took a little longer, until the first version was circulated through the paddock. Even the teams have so far only heard rumors, where the Formula 1 runs in 2017 and when the season starts. Therefore, the dates for the winter testing are not fixed yet.

F1 Calendar 2017 with dual shock Australia-China

One reason for the delay might be that Bernie Ecclestone is struggling to get back on 21 Grand Prix. Each race less not only means less revenue, but is also a bad signal. Ecclestone and the FIA are a first draft of the calendar at the next Weltratsitzung on 28 September in Paris publish. Auto Motor und Sport has already in the paddock the ear applied ,

It transpired that the next season will include 21 Grand Prix. With the same race as this year. Although always new places like Las Vegas , Kyalami, Paul Ricard and Imola are traded, comes in 2017 appears to be no new venue to.

The season is a double strike on 26 March Australia and China begin. On the website of the organizer of Melbourne , although still March 19 entered as a date, however, with the note: “To be confirmed”. However, team boss against confirmed to us: “It starts on 26 March. And a week later we drive to Shanghai. ”

After the two-week intervals followed by Bahrain , Russia , Spain and Monaco. Thus the classics in Monte Carlo would be held back at the last weekend of May and you would be the same rate as in 2016. Supposedly also the sequence of the other races do not change. A total of five double-packages with two Grand Prix are scheduled within 7 days.

Also Hockenheim the F1 calendar in 2017

Interestingly, is also the GP Germany are in the calendar. It is, Bernie Ecclestone was on the right track, with Hockenheim finalize a deal. You may experience the Formula 1 boss again even as promoter on, rented the track for little money and collects all revenue. This would Hockenheim from the risk.

This could be a model for the future. Behind the scenes is heard that Ecclestone increasingly difficult do, collect admission fees beyond $ 20 million from the organizers.

France since 2008 has no more Grand Prix. Germany, Italy and Brazil are in the balance for some time. So speculation about a comeback by making Paul Ricard sense. The route is part of the rights holders.

It crackles even in places where the formula 1 mentioned safely. Montreal will get problems after 2017. The city apparently has no more money to support the race. Representatives of Singapore say the same. 2017 takes place there in the last race when Bernie is no discount. Even Silverstone can despite record attendance soon no longer refinance.

Inflation surcharge demoralized the organizers

Ecclestone inflation surcharge wears down the Promoter. With 135,000 spectators, the capacity of Silverstone is exhausted. The organizer will not increase the prices because they are already in his opinion on the pain threshold. Even in Russia could be after 2017 final. 2018 has Vladimir Putin with the World Cup a more significant prestige project in hand.

On the other hand finds Ecclestone also no longer as before so simple shelling exotic countries that are ready for the visibility of a Grand Prix between 30 and 50 million dollars. Bahrain , China , Abu Dhabi, Azerbaijan, Russia and Malaysia have long realized that the bill does not may rise. You pay more. Korea, India and Turkey have adopted long since returned from the Formula 1 circus.

If Bernie wants to make in the future fund, he has the video content to sell more expensive. Apparently that’s his plan. Many new TV contracts run only short term. Hoping to find already soon a great general customers.