Facts about Maldives

About the rest of the picturesque Maldives many dream. Great beaches, beautiful nature, cozy cabins – such престают Maldives in the photos and the descriptions of the lucky ones who’ve been to this corner of paradise. But the Maldives are not just his nature. In this article we present interesting facts about this small country located in the Indian Ocean.

1. The Republic of Maldives – state in equatorial waters of the Indian Ocean. Altogether there are about 1,200 coral islands, the peculiar double chain of 26-minute atoll that is perpendicular to the equator. Only 202 island populated, the rest uninhabited.

2. Most of the islands you can walk in 20-30 minutes because of your small size. Length the longest island in the Maldives is just 8 km.

3. Presumably, the Maldives islands are of volcanic origin.

4. The Maldives is famous for the amazing record: here is the lowest in the world the highest point. Only 2.4 m! Because of the low level of earth above sea Maldives serious flooding threatens.

5. The capital of the Maldives and the only city of the Republic – the city Malé. Malé – the smallest capital in the world (the area of ​​the city just 6 km), and most of all Maldivians (90 thousand) lives here. And the Republic of Maldives – the small Asian country in the world.

6. The only Dhivehi Airport Hulule interesting (as Malé) that its airstrip starts and ends right on the water.

7. The penalty for the damage to the coral in the Maldives is 500 dollars. It is forbidden the export of corals and tanks.

8. In the Maldives banned alcohol, pork and sausage. For the concealment of alcohol all the same penalty brought $500.

9. From high waves and storms of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives effectively protected with Barrier Reef.

10. The Maldives is known for a variety of marine life. Create Stunning coral, more than 2 thousand species of fish, rare turtles, and unique to this region, as reef and whale sharks, moray eels, manta rays, stingrays and many others. Despite that this is in the Maldives rich living world, there are no poisonous reptiles or other dangerous animals to humans. Interesting that dogs forbidden, so from the usual domestic animals we can only cats and some birds.