Ex-box champ Stevenson in “critical but stable condition”

Adonis Stevenson isin a “critical but stable state”after the knockout in the title fight against Ukrainian Alexander Gwosdyk.

Québec (SID) – Detonated Canadian professional boxing champion Adonis Stevenson isin a “critical but stable state”following the knockout inSaturday’s title fight in Quebec against Ukrainian Alexander Gwosdyk. This was stated by the responsible doctor Alexis Turgeon on Wednesday in a new assessment of the situation.

Stevenson , who had been operated on Saturday night, is “artificially ventilated, kept in deep sleep, and neurologically monitored,” according to Turgeon . As the physician further stated, it was quite possible that the injury could leave consequences. “We have cases like these, but every situation is unique,” Turgeon said .

Adonis Stevenson had lost his WBC light heavyweight title through knockout in the eleventh round. The 41-year-old had gone down after a hail of the Ukrainian. Stevenson has been champion of the World Boxing Council since 2013 and defended his title nine times. Of his 32 professional fights, he won 29, 24 of them prematurely. In addition, there are now two defeats and a draw.