Dream Destinations: Hotel boom in the Far East

The Indian Ocean, Arabian Gulf and the Asia-Pacific region are the tourist growth markets of the future. The industry is booming, and always open new hotels.

Tourism in Asia , booming in the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. The Amari- and Ozo hotels are a good example of this rapid growth. Expand their portfolio of now 41 to 81 houses by 2018. The Amari hotels, yet at 14 locations mainly in Thailand represented among the insider tips in the luxury hotel. They are also popular among German long-haul travelers, because they provide a consistent, Asian embossed high standard despite their different sizes.

Amari Galle in Sri Lanka
Opening in spring 2017
Havodda Maldives
Sea view from the private pool
Amari Havodda
Private island in the Maldives
Bali, Indonesia
(10th), the first in the "island of thousand temples" in Southeast Asia. Bali is extremely popular with German tourists.
Kauai, USA
In the north of Hawaii lies with Kauai, the oldest of the islands of the archipelago. Experts estimate her age to six million years. With nearly 12,000 millimeters of annual precipitation, it is one of the wettest areas of the world.
Hilton Head Iceland, USA
The biggest surprise of the ranking is in the state of South Carolina. Among the 37,000 residents join in the summer months up to 250,000 tourists.
Maui, USA
The Hawaiian Islands are even represented twice. The good 144,000 inhabitants Maui live mostly on tourism and agriculture.
Cebu, Philippines
The Philippines consists of 7107 large and small islands, but very few are as beautiful as Cebu.
Santorini, Greece (sleeps 5):
Welcome to the Mediterranean, more specifically on the Cyclades. The sugar cube-shaped houses typical of this archipelago.
Waiheke, New Zealand (4th place):
Hard to believe, but the beautiful patch of earth is actually in New Zealand. Some 9,000 residents share the 92 square kilometers of the island.
Ischia, Italy (3rd place)
In the Gulf of Naples, it was about 80,000 years ago one of the strongest volcanic eruptions during the past millennia. The result: Ischia, today home to 62,000 people.
Boracay, Philippines (2nd place)
Besides Cebu has a second island of the Philippines made it into the ranking. Especially young tourists prefers to Boracay. But that is not enough. Also first place hits the Philippines, more specifically to

“DSDS” organizing ever a recall on the Maldives – Here you can see the highlights

Whether in city hotel Amari Watergate Bangkok , the recently opened Amari Havodda Maldives on a private island or in Yangshuo Guilin, the first hotel of the label in China with only 73 rooms: to familiarize the guests with the Asian way of life, is the consistent philosophy. Open Show Kitchen or spas that address the individual needs of the guests belong to.

“We are proud of our Asian roots,” says Peter Henley , President and CEO in Bangkok based Onyx Hospitality Group, which among others include Amaris. And: “We are committed to the local spirit and traditional Asian hospitality.” What began with the first hotel over 50 years ago, was in Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi or Koh Samui to a proper success story.

Now follows the expansion offensive. It also leads to China , Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and the Middle East. Among the planned 2017 six new stores are also three Ozo hotels that contact with features like Send pool areas and rooftop bars at a younger target group and are correspondingly cheaper. Asian culture finally need not necessarily be expensive.