Docoss X1: guesswork to a new Rs.- 888 -smartphone from India

In India currently trying several vendors to go with from the view here unbelievably cheap smartphones to catch customers. After a few weeks ago, the Freedom 251 drew attention to himself, which will only cost 251 rupees, , contact the Docoss X1 now a competitor in the plan should be to have the price of the equivalent of just under Rs. 888 ,
As in the case of the company ringing bells, behind the doubtful Freedom 251 is, it is also the new Docoss X1 to not less opaque. Meanwhile provider Docoss currently collects preorders in to start soon with the sales of its 888 rupees expensive smartphones – converted it currently corresponds to just 11.76 euros.

It remains, as it should be the hitherto completely unknown company able to offer such a conducive smartphone. Even the image of the company Docoss with its most rudimentary website can, according to the Indian Express advent massive doubt. So it is said to have been mentioned among others in various well-known Western media, without that this was indeed the case so far.
Docoss X1: If it works this time with the super-cheap smartphone concept?

Unlike the Freedom 251, where numerous customers had previously already paid the price equivalent to only 3.32 euros and after massive criticism of this process a refund have now done so, Docoss wants to set a priori to a somewhat more transparent model. This enables customers to the X1 Although order already, but they have only actually pay when receiving the goods it. In terms of hardware, it might even be possible because of a very simple technical equipment in case of Docoss X1 that in large quantities a distribution to said price of just 12 euros without loss would be possible. Thus, the X1 offers just four inch display with 800×480 pixels, which is, after all, should be an IPS panel. As a platform but merely serves an outdated ARM Cortex-A7 SoC with two 1.2 gigahertz cores which is installed along with a gigabyte of RAM and four GB of internal flash memory. The device also has a 2-megapixel camera on the back and a VGA cam on the front. In addition, dual SIM support and a 1300mAh battery are promised. From Chinese white-box vendors similar devices are already having in large numbers at similar prices – but only in large quantities, so it is questionable how the obvious intends to finance fledgling companies Docoss permanently