Cupra Formentor – a SUV coupe at its best

Cupra Formentor - a SUV coupe at its best

With the Cupra Ateca, the Spanish sports car manufacturer has launched its first car on the market. A fine piece of sports SUV. The Formentor now presents itself at the Geneva Salon. An SUV coupe that is only available from Cupra.

With the Cupra Ateca , the Spanish sports car manufacturer has presented with great bravado its first vehicle under its own brand label. Clearly, the sporty SUV was based on what VW has specified in terms of technology and seat design, but Cupra had the car tuned so well that they can justifiably claim to have put a Cupra on the wheels here.

In Geneva, the Spaniards turn the tables and present in front of the former mother brand, the concept for a SUV coupe under the name Formentor. As with Seat, Cupra remains true to the idea of ​​naming the name of a city or area in Spain. In the case of Formentor it is the peninsula in the east of Mallorca. That is probably also an indication that the SUV coupe will later also give it in defused form with the Seat logo.

Cupra Formentor - a SUV coupe at its best

Really only 245 hp?

But so sharp is the Formentor actually not at all, because unlike the Cupra with its 300 hp, he has to be content despite its plug-in hybrid drive with a nominal output of 245 hp. But he should have a purely electric range of 50 kilometers. This information alone gives rise to memories of the Skoda Vision RS presented in Paris. Its plug-in system combined the well-known 1.5-liter petrol engine with an electric motor, which provides another 102 hp. Together, they develop a system performance of 245 hp.

Cupra Formentor - a SUV coupe at its best

While Cupra still holds back with the data on the Formentor, Skoda spoke at the time of an acceleration of the Vision RS in 7.1 seconds to 100 km. Also, the Czechs gave in the purely electric driving distance 50 kilometers. This in turn could indicate that the RS is about the same weight as the Spaniard. In this respect, it is also to be feared that the standard sprint of the Cupra is not much faster than the RS.

That would be a pity, however, because it would not even be fair to the bar set by the Cupra Ateca. He has made it with 55 hp more under the hood in 5.2 seconds from a standstill to 100 km / h. It would be interesting for the Formentor a combination of the 2.0-liter petrol engine with 300 hp and the electric motor. Here would be over 400 hp available and Cupra would be much more likely to meet its self-imposed brand claim than with a motor combination, which will also hold in a Passat.

He looks powerful

Cupra Formentor - a SUV coupe at its best

Anyway, visually the Spaniard can be seen. Although he focuses on the headlights and grille strong on the Seat Tarraco , but he knows quite well to set their own accents. The apron is more aggressive, the air inlets on the front are larger. About the circular fog lights, which are located next to the grill, you can argue. The side view is determined by a coupé line that completes a mighty roof edge spoiler. Incidentally, the height of the Formentor measures only 1.54 meters. This is just as amazing as the fact that the base is the MQB-01 platform that the Ateca uses. The Formentor should namely measure in length only 4.40 meters.

The Formentor is more powerful because of the striking metal fold that rises behind the rear doors under the C-pillar. At the rear, the Formentor carries a striking LED light strip. To emphasize once again the power, the Spaniards have tightened the rear skirt with smoke deflectors and designed the four tailpipes inside copper-colored. A feature that will not be found in the series for sure. Sports fans may even feel reminded of a Lamborghini Urus when looking at the back of the Formentor.

Gear stub as in the new 911

Cupra Formentor - a SUV coupe at its best

Also for the interior, all controls are set to Sport. In addition to the sports steering wheel and carbon decor, the first pictures also show the new multimedia system MIB 3 with a freestanding 10-inch monitor from VW. Apparently, the new multimedia system contributes to the relocation of some controls to the touchscreen, as the mixer has significantly fewer switches and buttons. When designing the gear selector lever for the alleged built-DSG, the designers have evidently been inspired by the new Porsche 911 (992) .

In the end, with the Cupra Formentor a very successful first own sports SUV in the exhibition halls in Geneva. Let’s hope that the idea with the engine and its performance data is rethought. Because in the end it would somehow destroy the unique feature of the Spaniard.