Chris Hemsworth: That’s Thor’s fitness secret

Chris Hemsworth: That's Thor's fitness secret

Kangaroos , Wombats, and Platypuses : Chris Hemsworth showed his fans on Instagram how much wildlife has an impact on his fitness program.

In April, Chris Hemsworth (35), aka Thor in “Avengers: Endgame ” sure will let his muscles work again. But even after filming the superhero strip, the Australian actor keeps fit, as he now shows with a short video on Instagram.With this, Hemsworth apparently wants to prove that such a workout can be “animal” fun. In the clip he is loudly instructed by his coach. “Bear, bear, bear,” the coach calls among other things to the movements of his prominent protégé, whereupon the actor corrects him: “This is a wombat .” Also in another exercise that Hemsworth completed on the training ground under the open sky, the two are not quite unanimous. While the coach taps on “Gorilla”, the 35-year-old corrected him again: It was a ” kangaroo “. Other animals whose movements Hemsworth incorporated into his training are Warane,

The actor trains with Luke Zocchi, who helped him form the perfect Thor body. The latest Instagram video from the “Avengers” star seems to please the fans. It already has over 6.5 million views. While some of Hemsworth’s followers in the comments admit that their muscles hurt while watching, others celebrate him as the “true Thor”. After ” Endgame ” Hemsworth will also be seen in “Men in Black International” in June.