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Softbank plans to invest $ 50 billion in the US


The US President-elect Trump proudly announces plans for a multibillion major investment from Japan. 50,000 Jobs wants to create the head of the telecom giant Softbank. Details of which it did not name. The Japanese telecoms and technology group SoftBank plans to invest in the coming years: 50 billion dollars […]

Bruce Arena returns to the post of US national coach

bruce arena

Bruce Arena’s Jürgen Klinsmann’s successor as coach of the United States. This was announced by the American Association of US Soccer on Tuesday. The honorary captain of the German national had been released after five years on Monday. Klinsmann was since 2011 in office and led his team, among other […]

Trump wants no Presidential salary


Donald Trump himself was not sure how much the President of the United States earned at all. “I think by law I have to assume a dollar, so I take a dollar a year,” he said in a television interview on Sunday night. “But it would be -.? I do […]

The new 2017 FORD GT

ford gt

The new Ford GT is a vision. Innovation through performance outdoor impresses the new Ford GT by unprecedented design, eye-catching details and elegant lines, which combines with lightweight materials for excellent aerodynamics. Inside, the sporty look continues: A noble, ultramodern cabin cockpit-style gives you control of each control and the […]

The scariest Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Straight but was still summer, now is already Halloween just around the corner. Because sometimes takes the Preparation for perfect Halloween party outfit too short. Fortunately allows very easy as some magic of your own clothes … Spontaneously to Halloween Party invited but no idea for a costume? No need […]

The 10 nastiest and most embarrassing things that can happen during sex

Very high on the list disgust: miefende body odors such as sweat, mouth or foot odor

Sex is full of relish, hot, romantic – but to happen also things that are so not sexy. Many talk about their stability, high performance and achievements. We also talk about the other side: the greatest disgust factors during sex. [cycloneslider id=”ambsa”] Body odor: sweat, bad breath, foot odor – […]

Cold Brew Coffee: This has the summer to drink on himself

Traditionally, the cold brewed coffee is served with ice cubes

Cold Brew Coffee penetrating all cafés in German city centers. What behind the in-drink infected and how to cook it. Who Lust gets a caffeine kick in the summer, knows the problem: The obligatory cappuccino is too hot, the Frappuccino (usually with whipped cream and chocolate sauce garnished) a sweet […]