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the launch of the gate digital history of Qatar Foundation next year

Dr.. Sane Cairo for “East”: the launch of the gate digital history of Qatar Foundation next year Dr.. Sane Cairo, Dean of Virginia Commonwealth’s “East”: 61% of Qatari students studying the university and an increase in the enrollment rate The launch of a new curriculum focusing on innovation next year […]

5 Technology Trends for 2017

The year is coming to an end and it is time to take a view of the coming year. That’s five technology trends that are the focus of the 2017th. The technology-2017 promises to be exciting. We take a look at five trends that will be the focus. Smart Home […]

This happens when Trump forces Apple to build its iPhone in the US


One of the campaign demands of Donald Trump was to force manufacturers such as Apple, to build their products in the United States rather than in China. Apple has now recalculated what it would cost the – you want it to know. Apple is likely in future to build its […]

Google plans huge headquarters of glass


Internet giant Google is planning a new headquarters in California under gigantic glass domes. The central idea of the project is office space that one can transform freely, the company said in a blog entry on the night of Saturday. The individual buildings should be easily assembled and disassembled in […]

Thinnest, Lightest New MacBook Pro Launched by Apple

macbook pro

The MacBook Pro 13 “Retina is a 4-megapixel Retina display that delivers crisp, realistic images. A 2.7 GHz i5 processor with Intel Iris Graphics 6100 graphics and video support, 128GB flash memory PCIe base, 8 GB of memory, a reinforced battery and the Force Touch trackpad with new features also […]

Top Ten fastest smartphones in the world

AnTuTu is a fixed size, when it comes to benchmarking. In all our smartphone reviews we consider AnTuTu and now the Chinese company has on his blog published a top ten in which they list the ten smartphones with the best performance. AnTuTu refers explicitly to the first quarter of […]

Docoss X1: guesswork to a new Rs.- 888 -smartphone from India

In India currently trying several vendors to go with from the view here unbelievably cheap smartphones to catch customers. After a few weeks ago, the Freedom 251 drew attention to himself, which will only cost 251 rupees, , contact the Docoss X1 now a competitor in the plan should be […]