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Top Ten Key Interesting Facts About Pakistan

Top Ten interesting, amazing ,funny key facts about Pakistan. 1. In Pakistan there is one of the largest salt mines in the world. 2. On 11 November 1949, fishermen on the island of Baba Bhit Island caught a whale weighing between 14,000 and 19,000 kilos, measuring 12 meters in length […]

Curiosities And Facts About Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country thanks to the huge mountains, checkout the interesting Curiosities And Facts About Nepal in details. Namaste! Nepal is a beautiful country thanks to the huge mountains, the Himalayas , which lie within its borders. Visit Nepal and make no trekking is like going to Fiji […]

15 facts about Mongolia

You can find out the facts and figures about the Mongolia. Mongolia is a sovereign state with the lowest density of population in the world, with only 2 people per square kilometer 1. Mongolia is the sovereign state with the lowest population density in the world , with only 2 […]

10 Interesting Facts You Did not Know About Malaysia

Here are top 10 interesting facts about Malaysia that you may well already know, but what’s wrong with us equally appealed to the history of our own country and indirectly can find interesting facts about our beloved country. To celebrate the country’s 58th independence forthcoming soon, we want to share […]


In this text we will down under to present the country Australian. Was whatever you want to call it, you can not deny that it is a fascinating place with great beaches, good looking people and great Accents. For many people seems like Australia a mystical place, a place so […]

Facts About Dubai – burj khalifa ,tourism and Kids

Dubai is mostly a modern city, glittering skyscrapers and a bit of Aladdin feeling. However, what is often lost sight of is the fact that it is still an Arab city. Even if Dubai is very modern, there are some rules and laws, which seem to us Europeans very strange […]