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Top 10 The most beautiful women of Russia


The trend will be reviews beauties, and was the TOP-10 the most beautiful Russian women 1. Anna Kovalchuk Russian actress, honored, artist of the Russian Federation. Winner of the award for the image of “Goody” at the International Film Festival “Law and Society” Law (for the title role in the […]

One hundred companies will participate in the second US-Ourense trade mission of the Provincial Government

US-Ourense trade

The meeting between the US and US entrepreneurs will be held this week About a hundred empras, 97 in particular, will participate in the second US-Ourense trade mission organized by the Provincial Council. According to the information made public by the provincial institution, the meeting will be held this week, […]

Algeria Facts & Figures – Kids , Culture and country

Algeria – Facts and figures Last update: October 2010 Country: The Democratic Republic of Algeria (El-djumhuriya el-djazairiya ed dimukratiya esch-shaâbiya) Climate: Mediterranean climate in the coastal zone, otherwise desert climate Location: 1,200 km long Mediterranean coast, 6,000 km border to Tunisia, Libya, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Western Sahara and Morocco Size: […]

10 Interesting facts about Albania

Despite its manageable size, Albania is an extremely interesting and sometimes amazing country! Here I would like to present you some facts you might not have known … With an average age of about 29 years, Albania is one of the youngest countries in Europe – if not the youngest. […]

10 crazy facts about Japan

japan flag

We travel in one of the most economically developed countries in the world to Japan. Japan believes with a high standard of living and beautiful landscapes. We show you the craziest facts about the fourth-largest island state. 1. The island nation of Japan has 6852 island and is the fourth […]

Facts About Kuwait

Kuwait On the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf, the Emirate of Kuwait is one of the richest countries in Arabia. The small monarchy state has become rich by the petroleum cork and offers some scenic beauties. Of the approximately three million inhabitants, around 90 per cent live in the […]

Data and Facts About Syrian Refugees 2015

syrian refugees facts

The UN refugee agency is currently talking about about 2.9 million Syrians in exile. Most of them have found shelter in the neighboring countries: 1.1 million Syrian refugees are currently living in Lebanon – with a population of 4.4 million people. About 790,000 have escaped to Turkey, more than 600,000 […]

Interesting Facts About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka lies south of the Indian subcontinent and measures 450 kilometers from north to south and 230 kilometers from east to west. Around 5,000 years before Christ, the island separated from the mainland . A group of islands between Sri Lanka and India still testify. The country is subdivided […]