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Router tricks for more surfing speed

In order to use bandwidth optimally, it must be divided. There are special router functions for this. We introduce you to the best tricks for more surfing speed . How user-friendly a communication service is can be seen in the so-called Quality of Service (QoS). For example, the quality of telephone connections is included in this value. Here, what […]

Google victory in the dispute over deletion issues

In the dispute over the “right to be forgotten” in Internet searches , the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court has decided in favor of Google in a specific case . Frankfurt / Main (AP) – The appointment of a former managing director of a non-profit organization had no success, as the court announced on Thursday. The organization wrote in 2011 deep red […]

Facebook and Twitter are remorseful

In front of two committees of the US Congress, Sheryl Sandberg and Jack Dorsey explain how they act against foreign manipulation and hate speech on their platforms. It becomes clear how little the companies have against fake accounts in their hands. How foreign actors, hate speech and fake news harm American […]