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McLaren 600LT Spider

McLaren 600LT Spider

British sports car maker McLaren takes another step in the Track25 plan and launches a fifth long-tail model. It’s the McLaren 600LT Spider. Longtail models have a long tradition at McLaren . The longtail story began in 1997 with the McLaren F1 GTR Longtail. In 2015, the McLaren 675LT Coupé […]

BMW Futurelight

BMW Futurelight

BMW introduceda caravan trailerat the CES in Las Vegas . The dwelling is made of fabric and carbon fiber and was developed in collaboration with outdoor specialist The North Face . Futurelight names BMW and outdoor equipment supplier The North Face their joint development: a small caravan that looks like […]

Infiniti QX Concept

Nissan’s noble daughter Infiniti will present the study of a purely electric powered crossover model at the Detroit Motor Show 2019. In addition, the Infiniti QX concept car to usher in a new design line . Infiniti has a clear commitment to electrify its models from 2021 – either with a hybrid or a purely electric drive. According to various other electric car studies, […]

Nissan at CES 2019

More security and more entertainment . At CES , Nissan shows what opportunities Augmented Reality applications can offer in the car of the future. “I make myself the world as I like it,” sang child heroine Pippi Longstocking once and could have anticipated the automotive future of Nissan . At the CES ( Consumer Electronics Show , January 8-11 , 2019) in Las Vegas, theJapanese introduce their Invisible-to-Visible technology (invisible to visible). Exhausting rides […]

Electric car Polestar 2 (2019)

Volvo’s sub-brand for electric cars aims to launch a purely electric mid-range model by the end of 2019. At reasonable prices and in significant quantities. Now Polestar has published a first picture and more data. The Polestar 2 will be the first of a total of five Volvo and Polestar electric vehicles to be launched between 2019 and 2021, […]

Geely Coupe SUV (2019)

The Chinese car giant Geely shows first teaser photos of a new middle-class crossover. The FY11 is based on the CMA platform, looks pleasing and also comes as a plug-in hybrid. First patent images reveal even more details. Geely continues to diversify its product range. Now grants the parent company of Volvo and Lotus a first look at a future SUV coupe, which carries […]

Kia at the CES 2019

Kia will present a technology at CES 2019 that will enable automatic, emotion-oriented control of the interior design of the vehicle . Kia will show pioneering vehicle interiors at the Consumer Electronics Show ( CESJanuary 8-12, 2019 in Las Vegas ) . The so-called interactive concept “Space of Emotive Driving” is intended for the time when autonomous driving is part of everyday life. According to the Kia developers, it’s time […]