Best Apps for swimming pools and lakes

On what apps you should not miss for a day in the outdoor pool or at the lake, can be found here.

First of all, of course, the question needs to be clarified, in which pool or lake to which it should go. Especially if you are not already familiar in a new area, creates the app “beach Guide” by The Local Remedy.

This includes more than 3,000 listed outdoor pools, lakes and the like. User estimate its favorite baths and see at first glance opening times, contact information and more.

So you can enjoy the day in the sun to the fullest, it is essential to be informed about the weather in order to avoid a nasty surprise.

Here apps like “”, “warning Weather” or “WeatherPro” come into play. The “rain radar” app even offers a rain forecast for the next 90 minutes and a detailed map display.

How much is a tan, you can identify with the “Tan” app. For this you just have to upload a photo.

Then you can select different color stage Abfilterungen its desired degree of browning. The app even shows you how long it would take to achieve the desired result.

Especially with lakes the issue of water quality is important. You do not want to splash around in a sewer eventually. Where you can still venture safely into the water is revealed by the app “Beach Pilot”.
Beach Pilot

In the database, there are over 2,300 lakes in Germany. Use the data from the European Environment Agency sees how the water quality is classified on targeted waters or swimming pool.

There are other alternatives such as “TuneIn Radio”. This is a directory of more than 100,000 radio stations and numerous podcasts.

Just download “Wattpad”. The program acts as a kind of library for stories of all imaginable genres. About 20 million stories can be read on the platform.