Apple brings movies and TV shows directly to Samsung TVs

Apple services were previously often only on in-house devices of the group. This is changing now. Another sign of this are films and series from Apple’s iTunes on Samsung TVs.

Las Vegas (dpa) – Apple makes movies and TV shows from its iTunes platform on Samsung TVs and thus for the first time directly available on devices from another manufacturer.

New TV sets will also support the transmission of content from iPhone and other devices via Apple’s AirPlay 2 technology from spring , Samsung announced on Sunday at the opening of the CES technology show in Las Vegas . So far, owners of Samsung TVs with Internet connection had to buy the extra box Apple TV , if they wanted to see content from the iTunes platform.

The move could be another indication of a change of strategy at Apple . The service offerings of the group are often used to stimulate the sale of their own equipment, because they only run on them. For some weeks but running the streaming service Apple Music – initially only in the US – on the networked echo speakers from Amazon . And the cooperation with Samsung is a similar decision that could cut into the sales of Apple TVs.

At the same time, Apple has been trying for some time to become more independent of device sales in its business and to earn more money with services. Some time ago, the group made Apple Music available to users of smartphones with the Google Android operating system.

Also, Samsung can benefit from the deal: Apple has its iTunes platform a wide selection of movies in high quality 4K. Although Samsung and other manufacturers sell many 4K TVs, the offer of relevant content is still not very large. The iTunes collaboration gives users easier access to it. Also, buyers of Samsung TV sets from the year 2018 should be able to use software update the iTunes platform and AirPlay, said Samsung .

The cooperation with Samsung also shows how much the relationship between the two competitors has eased after the bitter patent war some years ago. Apple had accused the smartphone market leader to have copied the design and operation of the iPhone and the companies then covered in many countries with lawsuits.