Amazing Facts About Thailand

facts about thailand

Thailand is also popular with German tourists as a holiday destination. But there is much more to discover in the country than beautiful beaches and bays. You can find interesting facts from Thailand in our picture gallery.

Thailand is a country which is very easy to tour. The people on site are very friendly, helpful and polite. In order to behave appropriately as a visitor, which we would like to have, we have collected 11 facts here, so that you do not enter into one or the other fat bowl. Faith and culture are very important in Thailand and yes, it is a mistake for some visitors, but is not it better to meet the local inhabitants and their culture with the necessary respect?

Even in 1960, Thailand was 80% covered by forest. This figure has fallen to about 22% today.
In Thailand and other Buddhist countries, the elephant is revered as a sacred animal. For this reason elephants, often adorned, are presented for ceremonial occasions, or used for advertising purposes, as in the picture for an election campaign.
Especially in the area around Bankok is Thaiboxen, the so-called Muay Thai, a very popular sport and is also considered a national sport. This box style allows kicks as well as kicks with the elbows and knees. It is therefore not surprising that Thai athletes are also internationally successful in boxing.
In the forests of Thailand more than 10,000 species of beetles were counted.
The "railway track of death" is the unofficial name of the railway connection between the then Burma and Thailand. Some 94,000 Asian (forced) workers and some 14,000 Allied detainees lost their lives during the construction of the route.
Because of the excessive population development, a family planning authority was created, and in March 1970 the official family policy was presented, which emphasized the two-child family.
In Thailand, there are drug problems mainly due to the widespread cultivation of poppies in the Golden Triangle, a region in the border area of ​​Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. Heroin is produced mainly there.
In Thai, 73 other languages ​​are spoken in Thailand
In pre - modern Thailand the Wat temples with affiliated religious education institutions were instrumental in ensuring that the illiteracy rate was relatively low before the introduction of a modern education system.
According to the Thai calendar, we would now have the year 2555.
A traditional Thai house stands on stilts that are to protect against the frequent floods.
Probably unique in the world is that the pathway is part of the general curriculum.