After a political statement by Taylor Swift: This is how Donald Trump reacts

Donald Trump vs. Taylor Swift ! After the singerappealed to the Democratsvia Instagram , the US President now spoke in person and shot back against Swift .

It was a reverberating statement: US pop star Taylor Swift (28, “reputation”) spoke politically yesterday for the first time yesterday. In a long statement on Instagramshe made it clear that she will support the Democratic candidates in the upcoming US midterm election in early November.

Especially the Republican Marsha Blackburn (66) would be out of the question for her. Obviously Donald Trump (72) could not sit that down either. When asked about this, the US President said in an interview with “Live On-Air News” that he now liked Swift’s music “25 percent less”.

This is how Taylor Swift explains her change of heart

Swift does not know Blackburn at all and can not judge that at all: “She [ Blackburn , editor’s note] does a great job and is a great woman.” Swift was heavily criticized for a long time not to position himself politically.

In her post she explained her former restraint with a change of heart: “Because of various incidents in my life and the world in the last two years, I see it completely different.” She believes that any form of discrimination is wrong. In the past, she has always voted in favor of candidates who work for human rights.