Top 7 great fitness apps for iPhone & Co

If the voice inside is too large, can still make you want to sport the right app.
We show you the best fitness apps for iPhone, Android and Co.!

The price sounds quite steep, but the app also has a lot to offer for lovers of virtual scavenger hunt, namely a total of nearly a million geocaches around the world who have what Reales hidden in real life as a reward for all seekers.
Social Media for runners. The more and faster you run, the better your score. Insert a break from training, you sag in the rankings. In addition, you can create groups or request to a virtual race other users out.
Komoot Bike - Bike directions
Great tool for route planning for all bikers. You can set yourself if you want to travel mostly on asphalt or gravel roads or even planning a mountain bike tour. Move speed and distance are recorded. Snapshots of the tour you can take in a private album. The cards are also available in offline mode.
Nike Boom
Choose sports (including fitness, running, soccer) and wear your training intervals and the total time of the workout in the app a. The app then uses from your music library and provides the appropriate background music during training. For extra motivation, the cheers of sports professionals provide.
All in one - Yoga
For Yogis with the time and inclination to App-finesse: 300 asanas with photo, video and audio instructions, plus there is a timer and the ability to make the exercises individually. Very good guidance by experienced teachers for all levels. The huge World of Yoga in the smartphone - all respect.
Per GPS speed and distance are determined. Those who wish can turn with additional equipment the smartphone in a heart rate monitor. There are many customizable training plans at various locations.
You are your own gym
With over 120 different exercises and more than 320 variations arise countless workout variations. The trick: You must ensure not to the studio and do not need any great aids. All exercises are performed exclusively with one's own body weight.

Towards the summer figure these apps to keep motivated during exercise and have fun helping. Our colleagues of “Fit For Fun” have the best sports apps tested, we will see all the programs in our slide show!

Yoga, crunches, push-ups – thanks smartphone you can now always and everywhere to complete your workout. Who here goes for the right app, soon has no motivational problems more.

Around 15,000 apps for fitness and health are currently the alone in the iTunes Store iPhone available. Not so easily, because track to keep. You can achieve maximum success with the mini-programs – and even free in some cases.

We have seven top apps for you selected your phone make a little smarter. There is something for every taste. Whether jogging yoga, strength training or cycling, we show in our slide show apps that you are fit for the summer.