6 Tips for sleeping too hot nights

We help you through the hot nights. Our advice: shower lukewarm or have some eggs for dinner.

Climate: Normalize body temperature with a lukewarm shower before going to bed. Too cold causes the vessels to contract, creating a build-up of heat. Room
temperature: Darken the windows during the day to block out heat. The best are metal blinds – they reflect the sun’s rays. Open the windows at night and hang a wet sheet in front of it. Switch off all heat radiating electrical appliances.
Drinks: Taboo are strongly sweetened, alcohol or caffeine-containing, which stimulates metabolism and circulation. Drink at least two to three liters of water a day. But beware: refreshments from the fridge and ice cubes stimulate the heat!
Food:One to two hours before sleeping, eat turkey, eggs or dairy products. The body’s own protein tryptophan has a sleep-inducing effect.
Clothing: The well-being temperature during sleep is between 23 and 29 degrees. Therefore, wear light clothing made from natural fibers or sleep naked. Most of the heat is generated at the bearing surface of the body. Invest in a quality mattress that conducts heat and moisture.
Sports: Exercise in the evening promotes good falling asleep. Between action and going to bed should be at least two hours.