Day: September 4, 2018

Not only cosmetics: microplastics has many causers

How does microplastic get into the environment? And what quantities are they? The Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental Technology has ventured on the complex topic. The conclusion of the researchers: There are more sources than you think. Oberhausen (dpa) – With every step pedestrians give microplastic into the environment. According toresearchers […]

65,000 at concert against right

Bands like Toten Hosen and Kraftklub let Chemnitz forget racist marches for an evening . It stays peaceful. But the problem is not solved yet. Chemnitz (AP) – After an acclaimed concert against racism in front of 65,000 spectators stands for everyday life in Chemnitz and Saxony in the fight against xenophobia and right-wing violence. Landes-Minister of Integration Petra Köpping ( SPD ) wants to present a pamphlet […]