Day: July 17, 2018

At a glance: These are the best remote-controlled drones

Drones inspire the imagination. What modern aircraft can do and what professional developments can be expected, read here. With the drones , the fascination of flying continues unabated. The remote-controlled flying objects replace expensive helicopter flights in film productions, discover building defects or monitor company premises. More and more private […]

Rita Ora: Hot outfit for Las Vegas

Rita Ora has justenchanted Las Vegas . There, the singer appeared in a transparent body. The white pants also fit the 90s look. Rita Ora (27, “Anywhere”) made a stopover in Las Vegas on Friday . The singer is on tour and honored the Flamingo Hotel with a performance. She […]

BMW 5-series tuning

The BMW M5 is popular with customers and also with the tuners. By modified engine control tremendous performance leaps are possible. Speed ​​Buster now raises the bar to 747 hp. Chip Tuner Speed ​​Buster from Sinzig has programmed for the BMW M5 (F90) an additional control unit for the engine […]