Month: August 2016

Cold Brew Coffee: This has the summer to drink on himself

Cold Brew Coffee penetrating all caf├ęs in German city centers. What behind the in-drink infected and how to cook it. Who L*st gets a caffeine kick in the summer, knows the problem: The obligatory cappuccino is too h#t, the Frappuccino (usually with whipped cream and chocolate sauce garnished) a sweet […]

Record-breaking: These are the most extreme cities in the world

Faster, higher, further – these ten cities are absolute world leaders in their respective categories. For Beijing is not in this case, however, necessarily a compliment … The dirtiest: Beijing, China. “As the world” – so describe Europeans the moment in Beijing “Red Alert” is proclaimed. Then, particulate pollution is […]

Dubai Launch world’s first rainforest Within A hotel

In Dubai it is always good for a surprise: Now a crazy hotel skyscraper with rainforest and Skypool is planned. The Rosemount Hotel and Residences with 450 rooms and 280 serviced apartments is scheduled to open in 2018 and be the first Curio by Hilton in the UAE. The large-scale […]